Sunday, 28 February 2010

Web Seeds review

From the webpage :The Highest Converting Ovarian Cyst/PCOS Site - Earn $58.11 W/ Back End Sale - Join Today! 100% Commissions + Rewards $$$ Professional Copy &


The very first Windows Phone 7 device

Microsoft's Aaron Woodman just pulled off a little surprise here at The Engadget Show: he brought out LG's Windows Phone 7 Series early prototype!


All About Google INFOGRAPHIC

Everything about Google from how they make all their cash, to the composition of their workforce, to tidbits about Google's culture (a Googler n00b: Noogler)


Saturday, 27 February 2010

A look at zerofrictionmarketingcom

Andy examines Zero Friction Marketing...what does he discover?


New materials could lead to super crypto chips

Researchers at Florida State University have discovered crystals that could lead to super security chips as well as contribute to the discovery of materials that expand the capacity of electronic storage devices by 1,000 to 1 million times


The Roulette System Review

Andy Bland visits the casino to check out The Roulette System - does he like what he finds?


What I learned about you through 4 redesigns

"I have been blogging for around 3 years now and the blog has been through 4 different designs.

At first I redesigned the blog to have a better aesthetic look, but then I started to redesign it based on user feedback. Over the course of 4 different designs, here are some things that I learned."


Update on Digg Ads

Digg Ads have been live on the site for just over four months now, and I thought it would be a good time to explain them in a little more depth and update folks on how theyre doing.


School Laptop Webcam Monitoring Its Not Just In Philly

A major news stories of the past week was that the Lower Merion school district in Philadelphia was caught remotely activating student webcams and observing them remotely.

A clip from an episode of Frontline that aired in June 2009, however, proves that this is a larger issue and is happening in NYC schools as well, and who knows where else.


Researchers question Microsofts botnet takedown

Security researchers today raised doubts that Microsoft's take-down of the Waledac botnet would have any impact on spam levels, as the company claimed.


Friday, 26 February 2010

Rural America The Land Broadband Forgot

Despite promising new technologies, rural America remains the land that telecom forgot.

While many politicians claim that they will work toward cheap, reliable broadband for all Americans, it's still a long way off for much of the rural U.S., says our country-dwelling mobile expert.


amazingcoverletterscom report

From the actual site :Instant cover letter, covering letters and application letters for your job search and resume.

Guaranteed job interviews. Go now!


Gmail Retires Some Gmail Labs Features and Promotes Others

After 18 months of Gmail Labs being in operation, Googles killing off some unpopular features, but also promoting the oft-used ones to permanent functions.

Say hello to the forgotten attachment detector, YouTube previews and custom label colors etc


iPad Software Contains More Clues for FrontFacing Camera

Shipping next month, Apple's iPad won't include a camera, but a growing number of clues hint at future versions of the tablet gaining a webcam.


Twitter Ads Imminent Might Actually Make Money

One of the games that digital prognosticators love to play is guessing when and how Twitter will make money.

We've taken particular joy in lambasting one of our favorite social networks for absorbing investor dollars like a black hole.


15 Awesome Google Services You Never Knew Existed

Most of the mega company's services are either full blown web applications readily available to the public, or secretly tucked away behind a door in the Google Labs.

However, even those wearing their Public Beta scrubs are readily available to play with.


Thursday, 25 February 2010

F A P Turbo Expert Guide report

From the page :The FAP Turbo Expert Guide helps traders set the correct FAP Turbo settings ensuring they make the absolute most from the worlds top forex robot.


BUSTED Google Hackers Linked To Chinese Government

US analysts believe they have identified the Chinese author of the critical programming code used in the alleged state-sponsored hacking attacks on Google and other western companies, making it far harder for the Chinese government to deny involvement...

Source: typepad/alleyinsider/silicon_alley_insider (Silicon Alley Insider)

3 Reasons Apple Banned SexThemed Apps

Think of the children--but also the business strategy?


Suicide Girls banned from Apple app store speak out

SuicideGirls is in the unique position of having its Flip-Strip App banned while its Seduce a SuicideGirl App is still available for download in the Apple store.


The Wild World of Robots [Infographic]

Not only does Robots protect Americas freedom, its good to know that we can purchase a Sex Robot� with a customizable personality!


WallE Always Adorable pic

Wall-E, Always Adorable (pic)


Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Review of 30daywealthcom

Andy examines 30 Day Wealth...what does he find?


YouTube to Drop Support For IE6

Weve known this was imminent, but come March 13, 2010, YouTube will no longer officially support Internet Explorer 6.


How rootkits are threatening smartphone security

Computer scientists at Rutgers University have shown how a familiar type of personal computer security threat can now attack new generations of smart mobile devices.

Coming up with a defense is next on the agenda


Intel faced hacker attack same time as Google

Intel says it was targeted by a 'sophisticated' hacker attack this year at about the same time as a spying probe that hit Google.


Apple Theres Pornography On My iPhone The App Is Safari

In fact, not only is Sports Illustrateds Swimsuit 2010 app not being removed, its being featured in the App Store.

Both it and the Playboy app clearly violate the new rules of the more prudish App Store, yet they get to stay. Why?


FBI Investigates High School Webcam Spying Utter Stupidity

Wearing one black sock and one blue sock is a mistake.

Wearing one black sock, one white sock, and two different shoes when you're scheduled to give a presentation to the company CEO is a significant mistake. What Lower Merion High has done falls under the category of "unbelievable world-class stupidity."


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Review of amazingdominationcom

From the site :Most people automatically assume that eBay is the best place to sell goods on.

However, that is not the case and eBay is quickly losing


Todays Google TrendsWTF 5 Hot Search

So who's up for some incest? Because it's trending on Google...


The Dalai Lama Just Joined Twitter

In an East meets West and Old meets New convergence, the Dalai Lama has just joined Twitter.

The account is verified, and according to his three tweets, he joined around 12 hours ago.


Apple removes over 5000 apps from app store


No images of women in bikinis ( I personally found this rule highly hypocritical as the SI swimsuit app is a top app on iTunes.) 2. No images of men in bikinis 3. No skin 4. No silhouettes 5. No sexual connotations or innuendo. 6.


Techs Heroes and Villains

Tech has its passionate heroes who balance profit with innovation and social responsibility.

It also has its money-mad, egomaniac villains who simply cannot be trusted.


Apple Expanding iPhone OS to Other Platforms

On its company job board, Apple says it is looking to hire "a talented and inspired manager to lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms."


Monday, 22 February 2010

2 Live Crew with Kids in the Room Airdrive Heaphones Review

Do you want to listen to music or a movie while still hearing someone talking to you? The Airdrives deliver on the promise, but you have to be willing to give up some audio quality.

Many headphones seek to make their mark by cutting you off from the rest of the world. Canalphones block out ambient noise and allow you to focus purely...


Review of 2012 Official Countdown

From the page :See why December 21, 2012 is not a conspiracy theory for doomsday believers, evidence show the year 2012 as the end of the world as


Columnist revealed as companys nonexistent CTO

Devil Mountain Software has a bit of a credibility problem, according to a ZDNet investigation that revealed, among other things, that its chief technical officer is actually an alias created by a tech blogger.Larry Dignan, ZDNet's editor in chief, revealed the ruse Sunday in a report h


Twitter Phishing Attack Spreading via Direct Message WARNING

A Twitter phishing attack is spreading rapidly today, attempting to obtain Twitter logins via Direct Messages.

If you receive a message reading lol, is this you�, and linking to a site called bzpharma�, do not click the link.


OU prof puts laptop in liquid nitrogen smashes it VIDEO


Mullen sought to make a visual point that laptops weren't allowed in class (he calls them "a distraction"), and while it seems that the whole stunt was premeditated, most students acknowledged that his point was driven home. In short, he took a defunct machine, submerged in liquid nitrogen, and proceeded to make the following statement.........


The AP Is Using Twitter To Send People To Facebook What

The AP is using their Twitter feed to tweet out their stories � nothing new there, obviously � but every single one of them links to the story on their Facebook Notes page.


Sunday, 21 February 2010

A look at autocashsystemcom

Andy reviews Auto Cash System...what does he discover?


Microsoft RickRolls Port Slamming BitTorrent Users

According to the on-site WiFi operators at Microsofts Tech.Ed Australia 2009 conference, abnormal levels of network consumption by some users led them to take action against BitTorrent by Rickrolling users who tried to access the most popular torrent sites.

Interestingly, bandwidth usage wasnt the problem.


The Secret World of Private BitTorrent Trackers

Somewhere on the web is the ultimate music site.

It has virtually every album, EP and single ever released in a variety of high-quality formats with insanely fast download speeds. You're probably not allowed in.


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Power4 Home report

Andy reviews Power4 Home...what does he find out?


Is Yahoo Doomed to be the Next Alta Vista

Short answer? Yes.


HP slate to undercut iPads price

HP's slate PC should cost less than an equivalent iPad when it goes on sale, a leak has revealed late on Wednesday.

Sources say that an entry version of the Windows 7 tablet with 3G will have similar specs to an iPad but will cost less than the $629 Apple wants to charge.


DirecTV Caves to Twitter Pressure and Helps Stroke Victim

Even though the company initially refused to waive a $400 termination fee for a WWII veteran who had suffered a devastating stroke and would never return home again, a Twitter campaign by the man's son resulted DirecTV caving in the face of immense social media pressure.

And Sarah Palin thinks Twitter is useless...


The Hottest Action Figures from the Intl Toy Fair PICS

This year some of the most anticipated sci-fi, horror and comic-book movies were represented on the shelves, including Kick-Ass, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Green Hornet, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Iron Man 2, Jonah Hex and Clash of the Titans.

We've got a rundown of the most anticipated


Cyber attacks on Google came from Chinese schools

Online attacks on internet giant Google and several other US companies have allegedly been traced to computers at a university and a school in China, according to reports.


Friday, 19 February 2010

Casino Cash Cow

You normally have to be very careful of gambling products.

The odds are always with the casino, so if the 'system' is promising to overturn those odds...


Free Power Blueprint examined

From the webpage :A rarely known device, which will create zero point absolutely free energy, and could fully eliminate your power bill for life!


LEGO Robot Solves Any Rubiks Cube In Under 12 Sec Video

The Worlds Fastest Lego Mindstorms RCX Speedcubing Robot.

Built entirely from lego elements now scanning and solving any 3x3x3 Rubik's cube combination in under 12 seconds.


Apples Prices for EBooks May Be Lower Than Expected

Apple wanted publishers to discount bestsellers, so its $12.99-to-$14.99 range is merely a ceiling, according to people familiar with talks with publishers.


20 Years of Image Editing Photoshop from 10 to CS4

From its humble beginnings on a grad student's Mac Plus to its complete photo-editing domination, Photoshop has changed the world in 20 short years.


Facebooks quotGreenquot Data Center Powered by Coal

The social network earned cheers aplenty for its recently announced energy-efficient data center, some of which are turning to jeers now that it turns out its electricity will primarily be generated by dirty coal.


Are We All Asking to Be Robbed attempts to shed more light on the dangerous side effects of location-sharing.

Another great article on the dangers of social networking. It's not ALL fun and games.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Three Arrested As Police Swoop on Rapidshare Link Forum

An Internet forum which provided links to movies and TV shows hosted on sites such as Rapidshare has been raided by police.

Following an anti-piracy group investigation, three alleged operators of the 30,000 member site were arrested, two of which were teenagers. Searches were carried out on members in three other locations.


Chris Farrell Membership under the spotlight

Andy examines Chris Farrell Membership...what does he discover?


The Best Way to Beat the iPhone Dont Try to Copy It

Three years since the launch of the iPhone, the iPhone is the de-facto smartphone.

The only option for other handset makers now is to stop copying the form factor of the iPhone and differentiate themselves in other ways.


NukeHunting RoboRoaches Enlisted for Animal Army

Americas rapidly expanding cyborg-animal army could soon add a new crawler to its ranks.

National Defense magazine reports that scientists in Texas have turned the near-indestructible cockroach into a remote-controlled nuke detector.


What Google needs to learn from Buzz backlash

From privacy concerns to poor launch perception of the service's actual usefulness.

How can Google avoid making these mistakes in the future?


Move over Australia France taking Net censorship lead

Australia has been one of the democracies that flirts most with mandatory censorship, but France could soon surpass it with a new child porn law.

But even the president admits that he wants to filter far more than abusive pictures.


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Darpa Looks to Build RealLife C3P0

Now, the Pentagons trying to fast-track a solution that could be a kind of proto-proto-prototype to our favorite gold fussbudget: a translation machine with 98 percent accuracy in 20 different languages.


FCC to Propose Higher Broadband Speeds for US

Dubbed the "100 Squared Initiative," the FCC hopes to bring speeds of 100 megabits per second to 100 million households, a speed that is significantly higher than what many households currently receive. "Our plan will set goals to have the world's largest market of very high speed Internet users."


Acne No More reviewed

Andy reviews Acne No More...what does he find?


New data 40 percent in US lack home broadband

That is partly because broadband is not as widely available in rural areas.

The phone and cable companies that provide the bulk of broadband connections in the U.S.


Google Gives 2 Million to Wikipedias Foundation

Google has opened up its charity wallet once again.

This time, the search giant has donated $2,000,000 to the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that runs and maintains Wikipedia.


20 Instant Upgrades to Make Chrome Better than Firefox

Move over Mozilla, and make room for Google Chrome.

Why is that? To start with, Google recently added extension support to Chrome, which was previously only available in beta builds. Now that Google has given users the green light to install third-party add-ons, it's a brand new ballgame in the browser world.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

SportsBettingChampcom reviewed

From the site :I guarantee that once you've accessed my sports betting system, you will be BLOWN COMPLETELY AWAY at how much money you'll make by betting on


MeeGo A New Linux OS to Fight iPhone iPad

Nokia and Intel have just announced the creation of MeeGo, a new Linux-based operating system designed for portable devices including netbooks and smartphones as well as other non-desktop ...


Adobe confirms no Flash in Windows Mobile 7

Look, it's pretty clear that Windows Mobile 7 will be revealed by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress.

We've been feeding on a veritable feast of

Source: weblogsinc/engadget (Engadget)&utm_content=Google Reader

Windows Mobile 7 interface leaks out in Barcelona

Xbox Live and Facebook integration plus big finger-friendly touchscreen buttons -- looks good to me!


Windows Phone 7 Interface Microsoft Has OutAppled Apple

I'm sorry, Cupertino, but Microsoft has nailed it.

Windows Phone 7 feels like an iPhone from the future. The UI has the simplicity and elegance of Apple's industrial design, while the iPhone's UI still feels like a colorized Palm Pilot.

Source: appled-apple

Motorola Expands Android Portfolio With Quench aka Cliq XT

Motorola announced its eighth Android-powered device today.

Called the Motorola QUENCH, this new smartphone features a touch-screen design with navigational features such as pinch and zoom and a touch pad. The QUENCH also comes with Adobe Flash Lite and a 3.1-inch high-resolution display.


Monday, 15 February 2010

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Review of maverickcoachingcom

Andy reviews Maverick Coaching...what does he find?


Peoples Passwords Worst Practices Graphic

Analysis of the 32 million passwords exposed in the recent breach at RockYou provides further proof that people routinely use easy to guess logins.

Many use the same password for everything - from their private work accounts. But how breakable is your password and what does it say about you?


Saturday, 13 February 2010

Pogues Macworld quotkeynotequot overcomes skepticism entertains

Ars readers - and writers, for that matter - aren't really David Pogue's target audience, but his opening presentation at the 2010 Macworld Expo delivered, with surprise guests and fun times.

Still, the crowd left us wondering whether we're returning to the days of Macworlds past.


A look at Forex Neutrino

From the page :PREPARE TO BE AMAZED...


Every Time An Engineer Joins Google A Startup Dies

Whenever I see a brilliant kid decide to join Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, or Google, I think to myself: a startup just died, and as a result our world is a little less wealthy, innovative, and interesting.


Google Buzz Makes Private Contact Info Public

When launched, Buzz automatically makes you a follower of the people you contact and chat with most frequently via Gmail.

But the rub is this � anyone who follows you can see all the people you follow.


Friday, 12 February 2010

Review of Cafe World Domination

Andy reviews Cafe World Domination...what does he discover?


Government calls for action on mobile phone crime

The government calls on the mobile phone industry to do more to protect handset owners against theft and other crimes.


Texting Is the Scourge Of This Generation

Nielson stats put the average teen's texting rate at about ten per hour during the day.

This, and basic math, leads to some terrifying conclusions!


Legislators Outlaw Implantation of Microchips

Virginia legislators claimed victory today against implantable microchips by passing a bill that prevents employers or insurance companies from forcing patients to accept the devices.

Privacy topped the reasons for concern, but the bill's sponsor also saw the microchips as the "mark of the beast," according to the Washington Post.


Microsoft Introduces Office For Mac 2011

Today at Macworld Microsoft announced Office for Mac 2011, the next version of the leading productivity suite on the Mac


IBM Jeopardyplaying machine can now beat human contestants

IBM's Jeopardy-playing supercomputer is now capable of beating human Jeopardy contestants on a regular basis, but has a ways to go before it takes on the likes of 74-time champion Ken Jennings


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Google Buzzs Embarrassment of Opportunities

Is Google stepping on its own toes with the launch of Buzz?


A look at growtaller4idiotscom

From the actual site :As you probably know height is a very sensitive issue in our society.

Some people would not agree to this statement but as a general


How To Dual Boot Google Android amp Windows Mobile [Video]

Are you looking to run the Google Android OS on your Windows Mobile device? To do so, you need to download the Nexus One build and dual boot your Windows pda.

Dual boot allows Windows Mobile users to run the Google Android mobile operating system on their mobile phone.


Samsung announces midrange Monte phone

Samsung unveiled a new smart entry into the UK mid-range phone market today with the Samsung Monte (S5620).

The company are touting the Monte¢i½i½s affordability, and social networking capabilities, so is clearly aiming at the youth market with this one.


Google Buzz More Like Buzz Kill

Basically, Google has copied stuff that people do on Facebook and Twitter, and added them to Gmail, so that now my email can become another place where I can network socially with my social network of people I dont really even know.


Google Now Has a Street View Snowmobile

First, there was the Google Street View Car, a special vehicle with a 360 degree camera mounted on top, that brings us all that detailed Street View imagery.

Then, Google engineers invented the Trike, a tricycle with a camera that can reach all those places where Street View Car cannot go.

Source: Mashable (Mashable)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A critical look at Wood Working4 Home

From the site :Woodworking Plans and Designs - Woodworking4Home


New Apple product is Aperture 3

Apple on Tuesday unveiled Aperture 3, the latest update of its photo editing and management software.


KDE Software Compilation 440 Introduces new innovations

Today the 4th feature release of the KDE workspaces, Applications and Development Platform in the KDE Software Compilation 4 series is released, bringing a new netbook interface, social and online collaboration features, infrastructural improvements and much more to its users.

A guide is available which describes many of the improvements in detail!


The Top 7 Apple iPhone Complaints amp Some Simple Solutions

While we all love our iPhones, there's probably a few things we wish we could tweak or change about them.

This is a list of common iPhone complaints, which


7 Things Apple Should Change For iPad 20

Apple's iPad has already become one of the company's most divisive products.

Opinions are split on whether Apple's giant iPod touch points towards the future of personal computing, or whether it's a superfluous peripheral ...


Why Advertised Broadband Speeds Lag Behind Reality

Slower-than-advertised connection speeds have left broadband consumers frustrated.Fact is, advertised broadband speeds typically represent best-case scenarios, or maximum speed limits.

Source: livescience/technology ( Technology)&utm_content=Bloglines

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Mafia Wars Blueprint review

From the webpage :Mafia Wars Godfather Unlocks the Hidden Code Needed to Dominate Your Way to the Top Seat in the Game, Building the Ultimate Mafia and Removing


Googles DisplayAd Sales Should Top 1 Billion

As analysts say rising demand for Internet display ads will begin paying off for Google in 2010, one asks: "Is this a $10 billion business?"


Decent DX11 Capable Gaming For 79 Radeon HD 5570 Launched

A quick look at its model number, will reveal that the Radeon HD 5570 falls somewhere in between the Radeon HD 5450 and 5670 in AMD's current line-up.

The card offers decent frame rates at moderately high resolutions for some of the latest and it's also a half-height, low-power card so perhaps ideal for an HTPC


Canon bows Rebel T2i with 18megapixel sensor 1080p30 video

Canon this morning launched a slew of camera updates headlined by the Rebel T2i.

The successor to Canon's entry DSLR shoots at the same 18 megapixels as the EOS 7D and also inherits its video recording features: it now shoots at a full 30 frames per second at 1080p.


How to make new stuff from your piles of obsolete tech

If you're like us, you have an attic, closet, or garage stuffed with unused, outdated tech junk.

Oh, you think you'll recycle it -- but you don't, do you? Wouldn't you like to do something useful with them?


Exclusive HTC Incredible Photos

We were just handed some leaked photos of the upcoming Verizon HTC Incredible.

The device is running on Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, and as our tipster confirms, it's running with a Snapdragon CPU (and is described as "fast, really fast") with 256MB of RAM, and has a 3.5-3.7" WVGA screen.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Sunday, 7 February 2010

How the Nexus One Was Created [VIDEO]

Google has launched a series of videos on its official Nexus One YouTube channel, documenting various details on how the Android phone was created.


Mass Article Control examined

Andy reviews Mass Article Control...what does he discover?


Windows Phone 7 to Drop Multitasking

Microsoft may consciously limit Windows Phone 7 in its attempt to compete against Apple, a leak sent out today claims.

Echoing some previous reports, a source says WP7 will have a Zune-like interface at many levels but goes on to say this will extend to the underlying framework as well. It would drop multitasking and instead pause apps...


Dell must face suit alleging defective notebooks Yahoo

A federal appeals court reinstated on Friday a proposed class-action lawsuit against Dell Inc, alleging that the company sold defective notebook computers.The U.S.

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco reversed a federal district court's dismissal of the case against Dell, which concerned computers bought between July 2004 & Jan 2005


Saturday, 6 February 2010

Maverick Coaching report

From the site :As you can see, we've loaded Cell Phone Cash 7-Week Coaching Course with an incredible amount of fresh step-by-step video training for you to follow.


The Amazon vs Macmillan War Isnt Over Yet

Amazon said: You still cant buy Macmillan books from Amazon, though, and now the book publishing giant has fired back with full-page ads in The New York Times and Publishers Marketplace.


9yearold working on his fifth Microsoft certification

From the article: "My first memory is from when I was approximately 3 years old when I was making simple actions like personalizing Windows, then installing Windows, making remote desktop connections with workstations and servers on remote locations, and so on." He has his MCP, MCDST, MCSA and MCSE, and wants his Microsoft Certified Trainer.


Toyotas lesson Software can be unsafe at any speed

Software glitches may be behind sudden acceleration and braking failures in Toyota vehicles.

It's ironic that Toyota, the leader in building quality automobiles, may have become the poster child for poor software quality. It probably won't be the last auto manufacturer to suffer this fate.


Siri Launches VoicePowered iPhone Assistant

Siri, an artificial intelligence-based voice-recognition startup, launched an iPhone app incorporating its technology.


Astronaut Tweets Beautiful Earth Images From Space

One of the astronauts currently in residence on the International Space Station is using Twitpic to send some spectacular imagery of our home planet back down to us Earthlings.

Check out Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Friday, 5 February 2010

How WiFi attackers are poisoning Web browsers

Public Wi-Fi networks such as those in coffee shops and airports present a bigger security threat than ever to computer users because attackers can intercede over wireless to poison browser caches in order to present fake Web pages or even steal data at a later time.

This, according to a security researcher presenting at the Black Hat conference


A critical look at Satellite T V To P C

From the site :Award-winning software allows you to receive Satellite TV on your PC.


Is NAND Flash About To Hit A Dead End

As NAND flash memory continues to shrink in size, problems with reliability and endurance continue to grow, and manufacturers say they may not be able to produce any more generations.

That's forcing solid-state memory makers to look for alternatives.


Googles Eric Schmidt Refutes Negative Effects of Technology

Schmidt lauds mental benefits of video games, while expressing concerns about computing over cognition


Happy 6th Birthday Facebook

According to Wikipedia and their Info page, Facebook was launched exactly six years ago, on February 4, 2004.

Back then it was called Thefacebook, and it was originally located at, but its definitely the same project.


ATT to allow SlingPlayer on 3G for iPhone

AT&T on Thursday greenlit the use of SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone on its 3G network.

The carrier now claims that it has tested the app since mid-December and believes it can run without consuming too much bandwidth.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Digg Hacked or Clever Advertisement

It appeared today as if Digg had been hacked.

If you visit and view the page source, you will see an image


A look at isoftwaretvcom

Andy takes a look at Isoftware Tv...what does he find out?


Worlds First LightPowered Circuit Created

This new computer circuit could lead to a whole new generation of touchscreen devices that power themselves.


Apple vs Google vs Microsoft 2010 Breakdown

Google vs.

Apple vs. Microsoft. - One of these tech giants has it all, and the other two are still scratching their heads. Take a look at how deep their pockets really are...Who has the debt...who has the products, and who has the market fooled.


The end of SQL and relational databases

The "NoSQL movement" and Cloud based data stores are striving to completely remove developers from a reliance on the SQL language and relational databases. Some developers think this is something new, but object databases appeared in the 1980s and Ray Ozzie started the commercial document-centric datastore business with LotusNotes.


Gmail To Drop Support For IE6

Google said today it will suspend Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) support for its Gmail and Calendar services later this year.


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

iPhone App That Saved Life in Haiti Sees Sales Surge

That program, the American Heart Associations Pocket First Aid & CPR app, saw its sales skyrocket after the media coverage of Woolleys experience.
AdAge reports that despite the $3.99 first aid app competing with other free and lower-cost medical apps, it climbed from number 97 on the list of top paid apps ...


Usd Bot report

Usdbot Is The Only Neural Adaptive Automated Real Money Forex Trading Robot That Multiples Deposits...In fact, we recommend that you consider the highest ranked


Why Apple Could Have Etched iPad Into Rocks and Still Sold

"I cant remember the last time Ive seen an unreleased device draw such ire and approval.

The reaction to the Nexus One, the iPhone 3GS and Google Wave dont even compare. Some people just hate the thing, while others (like Jim Cramer) believe itll be the biggest selling device in history."


eHarmony Settles Suit Over SameSex Matching

Online dating site eHarmony has agreed to go both ways and settle a lawsuit over same-sex matches...without admitting to any wrongdoing or discrimination.


How The iPad Came To Exist

How The iPad Came To Exist


Announcing the Apple iProduct

Announcing the Apple iProduct.


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Zune Phone to Debut at MWC Will Use Nvidia Tegra

Spanish blog MuyComputer claims that Microsoft will present the Zune Phone this February, at the MWC in Barcelona.


WikiLeaks suspends all operations

WikiLeaks has temporarily shut down, citing funding problems as the reason the site is no longer in operation.


Just7 Days reviewed

From the page :Make Money Regardless Of Whether The Market Goes Up Or Down! Better Than Forex, Penny Stocks, Day Trading, And Swing Trading The Stock Market.



Windows 7 On an iPad Yes You Can

Want to run Windows 7 on the new Apple iPad? Citrix says it will soon be possible--at least virtually--using a new version of its Citrix Receiver software.


uTorrent Spreads Its Wings With Falcon

In all the years its been available, uTorrent hasnt changed as much as it will with the upcoming release.

Codenamed Falcon, the client will have an easier, more secure and more complete web UI as well as support for streaming and remote downloading.


Yahoo and AP Make a New Licensing Deal

The Associated Press has signed a licensing deal with Yahoo Inc. that gives the news cooperative a steady stream of revenue at a time less money is flowing in from newspapers and broadcasters.

The announcement by both companies Monday didnt disclose the financial terms of the agreement, which allows Yahoo to continue posting AP content on its site


Monday, 1 February 2010

plrarticlesoftwarecom examined

From the site :You are covered by my 8 week 100% no hassle guarantee: If you are not satisfied with The Ultimate PLR Article Collection for any reason,


Firefox for Mobile Makes Its Debut

Want the power and add-ons of the Firefox browser in the palm of your hands? That dream is quickly becoming a reality, starting with the Maemo OS and owners of the Nokia N900.
Mozilla has officially introduced Firefox for Maemo, the first officially launched version of Firefox for Mobile.


Google Chrome 40 [Review]

The major advantage Firefox users have claimed over Google Chrome is the ability to customize their browser by choosing from a vast library of extensions.

But that advantage falls away with the introduction of extension support in Google Chrome 4.0.


Stephen Colbert takes out an iPad at the Grammys

Colbert took his iPad to the 52nd Annual Grammys.

Nice product placement, Apple.


64 Things Every Geek Should Know

If you consider yourself a geek, or aspire to the honor of geekhood, heres an essential checklist of must-have geek skills.


5 Computer Hardware Review Sites For The PC Enthusiast

Whether you are looking into building a new computer or just like to keep up with the latest in computer hardware, the internet provides a whole lot of options when it comes to computer hardware reviews. Here, you will see some of the better, more reliable sites on the internet.