Wednesday, 31 December 2008

MD5 collision creates rogue Certificate Authority

(Translation: Bad news for the Internet).

At the 25th Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) today, researchers will reveal how they utilized a collision attack against the MD5 algorithm to create a rogue certificate authority. This is pretty big news, so read on.


Why Ubuntu users should care about Debian

The Ubuntu Linux distribution builds on the rich history and deep roots of Debian.

Ars explains why Debian still matters and looks at the shared history and mutual destiny of the two popular Linux distributions.


Open source programming languages for kids

Some toolkits aim to create entirely new ways of envisioning and creating projects that appeal to younger minds, such as games and animations, while others aim to recreate the "basic"-ness of BASIC in a modern language and environment.

Check it out here:

Why is OpenOffice profoundly sick developer and Novell employee Michael Meeks calls OpenOffice "profoundly sick" and chides Sun for retaining too much control over the project for its own good.

He's right, and here's why.

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Top 4 Microsoft Projects Bill Gates Should Have Cremated

It was also in that event where he was interviewed by and asked, If there was any Microsoft product which could have used a bit more polish, what would it be? Bill Gates candid response was, Ask me (again) after we ship the next version of Windows.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

How To Reinstall And Restore Your Windows PC In 8 Easy Steps

Eliminate problems and improve performance by wiping out Windows and reinstalling it from scratch.

Here's a simple guide to help you back up your data and restore your PC quickly.

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DMFail Why you shouldnt send private messages on twitter

If you are the kind of person who cant help but look when you drive by an accident scene, DMFail is for you.

The site, which has been all the rage on Twitter for the last few days, shows direct (private) messages that were sent improperly on Twitter and are therefore public.

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Private Government or Military Seeking Obamas Cyber Czar

Should the head of cybersecurity in the new administration come from private industry, government or the military?

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Wanted WebWide Cops

The Internet needs to be globally regulated if it is to have any chance of stopping scams such as security 'scareware', a researcher has suggested.

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Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For

Reputation management is essential to both individuals and companies.

If you work at a startup and no one has heard of your brand, or if youre an individual who has just started blogging, these tools are still useful to you.


Monday, 29 December 2008

First look Linux kernel 2628 officially released

Version 2.6.28 of the Linux kernel has officially been released.

Ars takes a look at some of the new features, including the ext4 filesystem and the new GEM GPU memory manager.

The full story is here:

Dad Wheres the Digital Photo Frame [PICS]

While helping my dad figure out his new digital camera I thought it would be fun to put pictures on the nice Kodak digital photo frame that I gave them for Christmas last year.

So I ask my dad, "where is your digital frame"? Imagine my confusion when he points the frame out to me....


The Tubes Are Clogged

If you've been having trouble accessing some of the web's most popular sites this morning, you aren't alone.

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iFart app for the iPhone nets developer 40000 in 2 days

iFart is now the most popular application for the iPhone, and over Christmas Eve and Christmas day, more than 58,000 people downloaded it, netting the developer over $40,000 in just 2 days.


Leaked Snow Leopard Image Potentially Indicates 32 64bit

Apple's said it's taking a break from adding flashy features to OS X to focus on the foundations and stability of the system with Snow Leopard, and this latest leaked screenshot might indicate that those foundations are moving to 64 bits -- it shows System Preferences saying it needs to restart in 32-bit mode to open the Network panel.

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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Mozillas mobile browser gets closer to prime time

Mozilla's mobile browser, Fennec, may well define the mobile experience for everyone, including Apple.

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Pentagon to Look at Possible Applications for Nintendo Wii

Pentagon to Look at Possible Applications for Nintendo Wii

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Simple Desktop File Sharing with Giver

With Giver, you can share files between desktops on your network with absolutely no configuration necessary.

Other Giver clients are automatically discovered using Avahi


The Quest for the 300mph Helicopter

This year marked the passing of Frank Piasecki, one of the pioneers of rotary aircraft.

Piasecki was perhaps best known as the man who successfully developed the first tandem-rotor helicopter, paving the way for long-serving military aircraft like the CH-47 Chinook and the CH-46 Sea Knight.

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2009 Year of mergers platform changes and conservation

2009 is shaping up to be a nasty year, in fact it looks like 2009 and 2010 will be years we'll want to look back on as briefly as possible.

But these years will also clear out of lot of the dead and dying companies that have been clogging up the market.


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Linux Mint 6 Felicia Review It Must Be Christmas

Linux Mint version 6 Felicia came out on December 15th and I have been running it on my Dell Inspiron 530 Q6600 system for the past week.

I should note, however, that while Mint includes proprietary software it is far from being a better looking Ubuntu knockoff with Flash and MP3 working right out of the box.

Get the low-down here:

Uproar in Australia Over the Plan to Block Web Sites

A proposed Internet filter dubbed the 'Great Aussie Firewall' is promising to make Australia one of the strictest Internet regulators among democratic countries.


The 10 Best Android Apps of 2008

Following only two months behind iPhone 2.0 (but at a significant installed-base disadvantage), Android still has a long way to go.

But there is definitely some early potential. Here's the favorite apps of the year.

Link source:

Microsoft Apple Google sued over icon software patent

A small networking services company was recently granted a patent covering the use of representational icons in an operating system.

What follows next should be no surprise: a lawsuit delivered to Microsoft, Apple, and even Google, just in time for the holidays.


Google Stock visits unfamiliar Turf

Google Inc.'s stock, once a Wall Street standout, performed like the rest of the crowd this year - horribly.

After starting 2008 near $700, the Mountain View Internet giant's shares closed Wednesday at $302.95, a 57 percent decline.

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Friday, 26 December 2008

All I wanted this year was the best smartphone ever

This year, all I really wanted for the holidays was the perfect smartphone.

Not too much to ask for, right? You'd think, but all I ended up with was constant swapping between 3 (or more) devices, hoping to find some balance of features that worked for me.

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Mozilla releases second alpha of Fennec mobile browser

Mozilla has announced the availability of Fennec alpha 2, a new prerelease of the mobile Firefox browser.

This version includes some important performance optimizations that make the browser more responsive.

Link source:

30 Unforgettable Christmas Advertisements Around the World

Now at the time of Christmas heres a collection of 30 Unforgettable Christmas Advertisements from leading companies included are British Airways, HP, McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, etc.

Link source:

uTorrent Grows to 28 Million Monthly Users

uTorrent - the client of choice for most BitTorrent users - has gathered a steady userbase since it was first released four years ago, one which continues to expand.

Last year the number of uTorrent users had doubled, and in 2008 it continued to grow, up to 28 million monthly users.

Link source:

iPhone Trumps Storm In Customer Satisfaction

Owners of the iPhone 3G were more satisfied than BlackBerry Storm owners, but RIM is well positioned for the next quarter, according to a report.

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Hackers Plan to Rule Black Market in Stolen Credit Cards

The heat in Max Butler's safe house was nearly unbearable.

It was the equipment's fault. Butler had crammed several servers and laptops into the studio apartment high above San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, and the mass of processors and displays produced a swelter that pulsed through the room.

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25 Stylish Website Footer Designs

Footers on web pages have evolved from being a simple section where you host your copyright information and additional links, to a multi-functional section where you can find a variety of site features such as twitter updates, a short bio of the author, and secondary navigation

Link source:

40 Impressive Product Ads You Dont See in Magazines

Check out some of the most Impressive Advertisements with Awesome Design & Color combination that you probably haven't seen before.

Check it out here:

PowerBeam steps closer to launch of wireless electricity

Grier Graham, vice president of product development, said the company can use a laser to generate about 1.5 watts of power to a solar cell as far away as 10 meters.

Thats enough to power an electronic speaker or small low-wattage light-emitting diode (LED) lights. It can also charge the battery in a digital picture frame.


Do You Twitter How Adorable

Twitter, the service for posting short updates, has consumed the media elite.

By the numbers, though, Twitter is an inconsequential nothing.


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Developers offering tons of free iPhone apps for Christmas

The Giving Tree now has iPhone application icons sprouting up around it -- what does it all mean? When the icons grow and start wiggling you are able to click them and join a drawing for the application.

The full story is here:

Windows XP Gets Another Life Extension

Microsoft tries to take old operating systems off the market six months after the release of a new one, but Windows XP continues to live on, almost two years following the release of Windows Vista.

Link: XP Gets Another Life Extension.htm

Sunlight illuminates notebook LCD

Is it just me or is that a fantastic idea? Sunlight powering the notebook LCD, cuts power consumption by 75%.

There may be another reason, why your office should not be in the Midwest, but somewhere on a beach of a Caribbean island.

Get the low-down here:

Microsoft Warns of SQL Attack

Just days after patching a critical flaw in its Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft is now warning users of a serious bug in its SQL Server database software.


Digg New Twitter feeds

Digg announces new Twitter feeds across several Digg topics, so you can get popular stories delivered right to Twitter.

This provides another way to customize the types of stories you receive from Digg.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Australian Internet Filter Will Target BitTorrent Traffic

Previously thought to be limited to HTTP and HTTPs web traffic, the touted Australian ISP filter will also target P2P traffic.

In response to a comment posted by a user on his departments blog, Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy has admitted that BitTorrent filtering will be attempted during upcoming trials.

Read the full story here:

Apple fixes OS X Leopard 1056 installation problems

Some Mac users who ran the latest OS X Leopard update installation file found out that the software installation quits halfway through the process, causing potential problems due to a partially updated system

Read the full story here:

Which sites will make the IE8 Compatibility Hall of Shame

Does anyone's parents or grandparents still use IE8?

Link source:

Steampunk Monitor Mod is Almost Too Pretty To Use Pics

Weve seen Steampunk monitors before, but Im a sucker for misappropriated piping and so heres another, this time courtesy of Australia-based Mad Uncle Cliff. Based around an LCD panel, the mod uses copper piping, a spray pump to hold the controls and a pair of endearingly-alien speaker horns.

Read the full story here:

Palm CEO Confirms Nova OS Is in the Wild Releasing Early 09

Both wireless carriers and software developers are already holding devices with the Palm's new Linux based OS named "Nova" which is due to launch in the first half of 2009, Palm CEO Ed Colligan confirms.

The rumor is at CES on Jan 9th Palm is to debut the OS. The question is though, too little too late? Time will tell.

Read the full story here:,2817,2337291,00.asp

Monday, 22 December 2008

SSD Advancements the Final Nail in HDDs coffin

The idea of replacing our gaming PCs' hard drives with solid state drives seems like madness.

The idea of a glorified memory card being better than several decades of established, reliable mechanical technology? Nonsense. Unfortunately, the jig is up. The future is coming on quick and the venerable hard drive may not be able to stand against it.


Hardware Is Cheap Programmers Are Expensive

Given the rapid advance of Moore's Law, when does it make sense to throw hardware at a programming problem? As a general rule, I'd say almost always.


Pidgin 253 Finally

Well, we finally kicked Pidgin 2.5.3 out of the nest, two days late.

It's spreading its wings and flying.

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11 ways to create a successful Linux distro

What can you do to stand out from the hundreds of other Linux distros that already exist? There are a number of angles you can explore for this " choose one, two or all of them if you want!

The full story is here:

Profanity Machine Tells Time With Intermittent Swear Words

Truly the masochist's dream clock, the Super Electrofluorescent Profanity Machine gives you the time and then lays down a litany of cuss words and other fine four-letter fare from the English language.


Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Wine development release 1111 is now available

Spore works out of the box!

Check it:

How to use Facebook to be more productive

Despite Facebook's reputation for frivolity, digging deep into the site's features uncovers a layer of tools that are serious enough for it to replace some of your desktop team-working, scheduling and productivity tools.

Link source:

Firefox 31 Beta 2 on Linux uses less memory

I mentioned a couple of months ago that there was room to improve Firefox's memory use for font handling on Linux.

With Firefox 3.1 Beta 2, you can now enjoy these improvements.

The full story is here:

iStockfail [PIC]

iStockfail [PIC]


Burger King issues cease desist through Twitter

User whoppervirgins should stop using that name.

But the best part? "What is your motivation by the way?"


Saturday, 20 December 2008

Facebooks value drops 87

The social net's previously inflated worth is now more realistically valued at $2 billion.

Shelly Palmer of MediaBytes thinks the current casual market value of $2.50 to $4.00 serves as an online reality check.

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New Apple prototype MultiTouch Mighty Mouse

One More Thing...

Check it:

Apple Researching MultiTouch Skins and New Gestures

Apple's patent applications sometimes enter into bizarre and conceptual territory.

This week's patent application reveals research into portable multi-touch skins that can be placed on three dimensional objects:


Gates Foundation to help libraries be better free net cafes

Public libraries have become one of the most prominent sources of free, public broadband access, and the economic crisis has only boosted that role.

Libraries are having their own problems answering the demand for broadband and upgrading equipment, though, so the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is pilot testing a new grant program to improve access

Get the low-down here:

It Costs Digg 5 Million a Year to Run the Internet

Perhaps Digg really is the future of the news business.

The headline-discussion site, once an icon of the Web 2.0 movement, is losing millions of dollars a year.

Link source:

Friday, 19 December 2008

Yahoo Puts Microsofts Privacy Policy to Shame

Yahoo will anonymize user data after only three months, the company announced today.

Thats three times faster than Googles nine-month retention policy. Microsoft remains old school with an 18-month policy, although it offered to cut retention to six months, but only if its competitors did likewise.


How to Build a Kickass 800 Gaming PC

We had to make some careful choices to keep this machine within our constrained budget, but in the end we were surprised by this little PCs kick ass performance.

Want to learn how to build it yourself? Well walk you through our meticulous build process, explain why we chose each component, and give you our final thoughts on the benchmark results

Link source:

Konami Releasing Metal Gear Silent Hill DDR for iPhone

While Konami's announcement of Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone is tough to be topped, the company will also be releasing a few of their other big franchises as well, including Silent Hill and DDR.


Free Press Put 44 billion of 2009 stimulus into broadband

Free Press is the latest group to roll out its plan for getting the US broadband from where it is now (3-15Mbps for most people) to 100Mbps.

The good news? It only costs $44 billion, and Obama may be willing to pay up.

The full story is here:

Diggs new Related By Keyword Beta feature pic

Possibly the first screen shot of Digg's new Related By Keyword Beta feature.


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Orange iPhone Exclusivity Ruled Illegal in France

France's competition authority Wednesday temporarily barred an exclusive distribution deal between the country's dominant telecommunications group France Telecom SA (FTE.FR) and Apple Inc. (AAPL) over the blockbuster iPhone mobile phone.


Has Internet Explorer ever been safe

Back in the day when Internet Explorer was more of an experiment than a viable browser, the iexplore.exe application was heavily tied into Windows, the explorer.exe application.

If one faltered, more likely to be the former, the other would almost automatically screw up too. Read about how it can affect your browsing experience.


Walmart iPhone on sale the 28th for a lot more than 99

Walmart that says the iPhone will launch in the house that Sam built at 9am December 28th.

At launch, only the 8GB ($197) and 16GB ($297).


10 GPS Vulnerabilities

The US Armed Forces' 21st-century combat plan is based on Joint Vision 2020, an extension of Joint Vision 2010's conceptual template that is reflected in the US Army Chief of Staff's Army Transformation Program, the Marine Corps' Sea Dragon programs and various service statements, policies and other implementing plans.

The full story is here:

How the News of a Jobless MacWorld Keynote Was Forced Out

As with Sarah Palin's baby rumors, the scurrilous media forced Jobs's hand.

Arik Hesseldahl, a BusinessWeek reporter, noticed a blog post which pointed out Jobs had not yet been confirmed as a speaker for the annual event, which serves as an international showcase for Apple's products, a massive blogosphere buzz builder, and an orgy of media obsess

Read the full story here: show-news

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

iPhone 3G finally unlocked by the DevTeam

Well this has been a long time coming.

It seems that the iPhone Dev-Team has finally done the impossible -- they've gone and unlocked the iPhone 3G. The hack isn't out yet (the team says they're shooting for a December 31st release), but when it drops, the crew seems fairly confident it will result in freedom from carrier oppression.


Internet Explorer security alert

Users of the world's most common web browser have been advised to switch to another browser until a serious security flaw has been fixed.


Microsoft Issues Emergency Security Patch For IE

Microsoft will issue an emergency security patch Wednesday for all versions of Internet Explorer.

The patch is considered a critical fix for the security flaw currently plaguing the IE browser. So far, more than 2 million computers are believed to have been infected.


Social networks grapple with the money question

Sites like MySpace, Digg, and Facebook proved their might in this fall's election, but when that party ended, it was back to figuring out how to make a buck or two.


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Best Ever 65 mooTools Plugins and Demos

Below are the Best Ever 65 mooTools Plugins and Demos, is it Better than jQuery? Quite, possibly.


Mac OS X 1056 released with improved MobileMe syncing

Apple has just released Mac OS X 10.5.6 with several fixes and tweaks.

Though there are a number of notable improvements included with the update, MobileMe users will rejoice with the improvements to syncing with the service to and from a Mac. "Contacts, calendars, and bookmarks on a Mac automatically sync within a minute of the change being made o

Get the low-down here:

Wine64 hello world app runs

I can finally report success on the first ever win64 program running on wine.

The program was a textbook classic, but to make it work gcc had to be changed a lot.

Read the full story here:

Web 20 Tactics for Successful JobHunting

When you update your resume, don't overlook these Internet twists on longstanding job-seeking practices.

Link source:

Wikipedia Officially Launches Mobile Version

Popular user-edited online encyclopedia Wikipedia has finally released a mobile-friendly version of the web site at


Monday, 15 December 2008

Discover the Easter eggs in your everyday apps

When you're part of a large team churning out line after line of code in order to build a spreadsheet, word processor or web browser, there's not that much scope for fun. You're just an anonymous cog in a big software machine and no one is ever going to know who you are. That's why Easter eggs were born...

Check it:

The Economist Suggests Linux For Netbooks

The most basic model of the Acer Aspire One can be found for 179 in Britain and around $300 in America.

It simply switches on and runs with the minimum of fuss. It has 8 gigabytes (GB) of flash storage and 512 megabytes of RAM, which is a bit puny. But that is perfectly adequate to run the customised version of Linux that comes pre-installed on it


Pass the iLaxative App Store approval process is backed up

Are you a developer hoping to launch a new iPhone application in Apple's App Store before the new year? Dont hold your breath waiting, theres a bit of a backlog.

The full story is here:

The Beauty Of Street Photography

Smashing Magazine celebrates the diversity and livelinesss of the worlds streets by presenting you 50 excellent examples of street photography, urban photography and photojournalism.

There are links to the photographers websites and also some useful links to articles and tutorials at the bottom of the post.


Which Top Apps Have the Most Security Holes

Some of the most-used applications on Windows today are also some of the most vulnerable to security flaws.

And it's often the user's fault. A list compiled by enterprise application whitelisting vendor Bit9 found that 12 of the most popular consumer applications are being used despite having vulnerabilities that could make for compromised systems

The full story is here:

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Secret Fight Clubs of Silicon Valley Keyboard Fight Video

The classic gentleman's fight club keyboard fight involves two men entering and no keyboards leaving. We fight until the board is completely removed of all its keys.

Get the low-down here:

11 of the Coolest Mug Designs for a Hot Cup o Joe [PICS]

The mug you use to drink your beverage of choice is just as important as the brand you like, the amount of milk and sugar you take, and your favorite biscuits to go with your drink.

To take you away from the boredom of everyday mugs, and to provide some additional options for the newly addicted, heres a collection of mugs almost too cold use.

Read the full story here:

Is Linux ready for the average user My wife thinks so

In the beginning, as we all know, Linux was an OS that was limited to those of us who had the time and patience to spend all night getting things to work.

As the OS has progressed the user friendliness of the OS has increased dramatically.


January 24th 2009 Macintoshs 25th Anniversary A Few Ideas

January 24th 2009 marks the 25th anniversary for the Macintosh.

While we dont expect Apple to release anything special for the occasion, its still fun to speculate on what may come.

Read the full story here:

UK ignores logic backs 20year music copyright extension

The UK government has changed its mind: it now supports retroactive copyright term extension for musicians, up from 50 to 70 years.

The end result for the majority of aging artists? A paltry ‚¬30 per year.

The full story is here:

Saturday, 13 December 2008

How to Manage Your Social Profiles

How many online profiles do you think you have right now? I know, too many to even count! Such is the case with anyone that uses Web 2.0 sites these days.Whether you have boatloads of profiles or just a few, you need a way to manage your profile information.

Here are some tools that you can use to share your profiles online.

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Firefoxs Spellchecker Has Four Words for Gizmodo

Firefox's Spellchecker Has Four Words for "Gizmodo"

Check it out here:

Twitter in Gmail will further distract me from using it

We love that Gmail is adding a massive amount of functionality to its service via its Labs area (which allows you to test new features).


MacBook owners rejoice Mini DisplayPortHDMI adapter soon

An upcoming video adapter will allow new unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros to be connected directly to high definition television sets.

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10 Gadgets For Winter Fun From Snowball Guns to Ice Saunas

Man, I really miss all the fun you can have in the snow.

Snowball fights and forts, snowboarding, school cancellations...those were good times. If only I had gadgets like this back then.

Read the full story here:

Friday, 12 December 2008

Google Chrome Comes Out of Beta

Yesterday at the Le Web 08 conference in Paris, Google VP Marissa Mayer told TechCrunch's Mike Arrington that the move would be happening, but she did not say when.

Google representatives have confirmed the Thursday change of status for Chrome.

Check it out here:

10 things that Apple should make right now

Gear and apps we want Apple to apply its magic touch to Apple likes to think it's the oracle of technology; rays of light shining forth from its Cupertino offices, Steve Jobs with a halo around his head.

Read the full story here:

The Big Push 2009 Free Software Foundation Appeal

Support "The Big Push" for free software adoption in 2009: "Why does this school accept corporate donations of proprietary software that come with handcuffs on my child's education, rather than use free software that will give my child the opportunity to be in control of the technology she is learning to use?"

Read the full story here:

Apples LED Cinema Display A Boon For Mac Laptop Users

To most people, Apple Inc.'s new 24-in.

LED Cinema Display looks like a stylish aluminum-and-glass monitor featuring a bright, sharp screen saturated with vivid colors. But this environmentally friendly monitor is also a modern take on a docking station for Apple's newest generation of equally stylish laptops.


Apple and ATT Bring Back iPhone Home Activation

Online shoppers looking to spend the holiday season firmly planted on the couch can add the iPhone 3G back to their lists -- we've just confirmed that Apple and AT&T have quietly brought back in-home activation.

Sure, it's been available in limited circumstances before, but now it's here and for real, just like with the first-gen unit.

The full story is here:

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Rumor Google Bringing RingtonesWallpaper to Android Phones

Its amazing what a little poking around can do.

After extracting and unzipping Market.APK from the T-Mobile G1, a little browsing reveals that Google has placeholder icons for Ringtones and Wallpapers.

Check it:

Apple Pulls NeoNazi Albums From German iTunes Store

Apple has recently pulled two albums of neo-Nazi sentiment from its German installation of iTunes after being informed by technology publication Computerbild of the offensive content. Two albums from the German neo-Nazi band, Landser, had recently been discovered on the German iTunes store. The group had been banned by a federal court in 2005 [.


A List of Facebook Connect Live Websites

"Here is a sample of sites that are live with Facebook Connect."

Check it:

Adventures in CloseUp Photography

Close-up photography allows us to capture a unique view of our world, especially when that world is printed larger than life.

Capturing small subjects requires careful attention to the technical aspects of photography: focus, lighting, sharpness, depth of field, exposure, and composition.


Stewart Butterfield Remembers How Flickr Began [Video]

Flickr is one of the most useful websites to come out in the last few years (and of course incredibly entertaining to the Digg community).

The site's co-founder Stewart Butterfield remembers how Flickr began as a side project of an online multi-player game.


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hidden Feature Turns iPhone into TV Gaming Device

With a little work and the help of an undocumented feature in Apple's iPhone Software Developers Kit, one iPhone developer was able to turn its game into a version suited for playback on big-screen TVs.


Why book publishers will fail like the music industry did

Two major book publishers launched iPhone apps to market via cell phone.

Both fall short of actually publishing new books. Does this sound familiar? The music industry was holding on to physical CD sales so tightly that they let Apple run away with control over digital distribution and the future of their industry. Will book publishers do the same?


Zinc Oxide Breakthrough Creates High Performing LEDs

German scientists discovered a method of hydrogen doping that allows the production of higher-performing LEDs and other semiconductors.

The full story is here:

Why You Should Stop Buying Your Computers Fully Loaded

Hard economic times require that we think more closely about how our money is spent.

When it comes to computers, Prof. Dealzmodo has a philosophy: build it and values will come.

Check it:

iPhone Developer Writes Personal Letter to Steve Jobs

Craig Hockenberry is an extremely talented Phone developer currently working at the Iconfactory. Hes been in Apples app store since it first launched, and is voicing a few of his thoughts regarding the app store in a heartfelt letter to Apple CEO Steve Jobs.


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

19 Handy Twitter Mashups and Tools

Twitter mashups and tools put a unique spin on the way we use Twitter.

By mashing information from Twitter with other applications, you get an unmatchable user experience that can be both fun and useful. Enjoy these top 19 Twitter mashups.


Online Journalists Can Now Win a Pulitzer Prize Too

The Pulitzer Prize, the prestigious award for excellence in print journalism, is being expanded to include online-only publications.


Gmail Finally Adds a ToDo list

It is called Tasks and is now available in Gmail Labs (click on the beaker icon next to Settings on the upper right hand corner of Gmail).

When you enable Tasks, it appears as a link in the left-hand column under Contacts. Click on the link and a box pops up.

Check it out here:

10 Modern Chairs that Revolutionized Furniture Forever

From the mid 1920s to the late 1950s, a revolution in furniture design was happening from the US to Europe. Considered art in their own right, these 10 modern chairs revolutionized the way we sit" and turned the act of rest into a thing of beauty.

Get the low-down here:

Mysterious Nokia touchscreen interface and handset unveiled

In a presentation given at Nokia's Capital Markets Day 2008 last week the company quietly displayed a previously unseen handset, complete with an edge-to-edge touchscreen and subtle, attractive stylings.

Link source:

Monday, 8 December 2008

Apples Security Paradox

Even as Macs have multiplied, the number of viruses and Trojans targeting them has fallen.

In the last six months, Finnish cyber security firm, F-Secure reports that the number of malware samples targeting Macs has actually dropped in the last 18 months.


Google introduces developer G1 Phones

Google has just announced the availability of a developer phone that can be purchased by registered Android Developers.

Costing $399 (roughly the same price as a contract-free G1 phone from T-Mobile), the phone offers an unlocked bootloader and allows easy flashing for the installation of custom Android builds.

Read the full story here:

Prey Linux Retail Client Released

Back in October Ryan Gordon surprised the Linux community by releasing a Linux game demo of Prey two-years after the game began shipping on Windows. A month later an updated Prey demo for Linux was released.

This afternoon Ryan has now released the binaries that allow the retail game to be used on Linux.

Read the full story here:

4GB iPhone Rumors are Complete BS

Boy Genius Report has been reporting about Walmart carrying the iPhone for some time now.

Most of what theyve reported in the past has correlated with information weve heard from our sources, however recent claims of a 4GB iPhone are simply not true. Aside from BGR, weve also heard that Walmart will begin selling the iPhone [..

Read the full story here:

Google Reader Absolutely Compact Gets More OnScreen

Firefox with Greasemonkey or Stylish: Google Reader's recent redesign did streamline its interface, but ever-resourceful reader Dustin wants to maximize the feed reading area even more with his new "Absolutely Compact" user style.

Link: screen

Sunday, 7 December 2008

New technology could create drinking water out of thin air

As Zimbabwe battles a cholera epidemic that has already killed hundreds, one company thinks it may have found a potential solution to the world water crisis.

The WaterMill is an electricity powered machine that draws moisture from the air and purifies it into clean drinking water. It can provide up to 12 liters of drinking water per day.


Google now hawking fully unlocked G1s to developers

It didnt take long before people started hacking away at the T-Mobile G1, the first phone to ship with Googles Android platform, and now it looks like Google wants to make it even easier.

Starting today, Google is offering a development version of the G1 that is both SIM and hardware unlocked.

Check it:

PayAsYouGo iPhone in the UK

Apple UK announced today its first Pay as you Go iPhone 3G with prices ranging from 342.50 ($500) for the 8GB model and 391.45 ($570) for the 16GB

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10 Kick Ass Firefox Extensions for Web Analytics

Firefox and extensions go together like meat and potatoes. So does web statistics and web professionals. So with the following list of Firefox extensions for web analytics, all that is missing is a nice cold beer. Crack one open and enjoy the feast!

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Saturday, 6 December 2008

I Made A Fake Facebook And Had 100 Friends In 4 Days

Facebook is by far one of the top social networking sites on the Internet, with millions of users, but how secure is it? Or rather how security conscious are the people that use it?


Windows 7 Build 6956 leaked by an attendee at WinHEC China

The impossible has been done again and pirates all over the world are busy trying to obtain the more updated build of Windows 7- build 6956. An attendee from the conference managed to slip a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) image of Windows 7 Build 6956 onto a portable device and upload it via torrent to the world.


Mobile Version Websites on iPhone More Harm Than Good

Many websites automatically redirect iPhones to mobile versions of their sites.

These mobile sites often deliver limited content, wasted space, and eliminate zooming.


Wine 1110 Released

New in the release. -> - Support for virtual memory write watches. - Workarounds for the WINAPI compiler bug on Mac OS. - Several fixes for the 64-bit build. - Some more GdiPlus functions. - Various bug fixes. Download it from the following place. ->

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Ceramics That Wont Shatter

Ceramics are lightweight and hard, but you can't make jet engines out of them because they'd shatter like dinner plates.

So, materials scientists have been trying to mimic natural materials that combine strength (a measure of resistance to deformation) with toughness (a measure of resistance to fracture).

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Friday, 5 December 2008

Hey Can I See Your iPod [NSFW]

Hey, Can I See Your iPod? [NSFW]

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Presidentelect Obama Says Hes an iPod Fanman

Barack Obama won't be taking the mantle of Zune Brother No. 1 from Bill Gates after all.

In a stunning reaction that suggests the President-elect's ability to quickly turn around difficult public relations problems, an advisor has officially rejected the earlier suggestion that he used a Zune as his primary music player.


Google Reader Gets a Major Makeover It Rocks

Google Reader has just launched a major redesign to its interface, addressing many of the top concerns of users of the popular RSS reader.

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Apple Walmart to do 99 4GB iPhone

Look, we know you've been holding out for the iPhone to hit Walmart before you pick it up, sandwiched between the fishing gear and row upon row of exercise videos -- and we don't blame you.

You'll ride your shopping cart down the wide aisles like a chariot, and when you get home with the phone you'll dial up all your friends and let them know.

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60 Really Cool and Creative Error 404 Pages

If you dont have a Error 404 page on your website or blog, you should probably start thinking of creating one.

Weve previously showcased you 50 Nice And Creative Error 404 Pages, but the Internet is full of creative webmasters.

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

WordPress 27 coming tomorrow

It's a bit behind schedule, but WordPress 2.7 is due out tomorrow evening.

Automattic, the company behind the popular blogging platform put out the first release candidate version of WordPress 2.7

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The Big Ol Ubuntu Security Resource

Although Ubuntu is billed as an ultra-secure OS, you should know that even Ubuntu's default install has its flaws, like every other operating system.

To combat these weaknesses, has prepared a in-depth guide to help you close your system's backdoor's and protect you from some of the common Ubuntu exploits.

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5 Things You Never Knew About Spotlight

Many people use Quicksilver as a replacement for Spotlight, but if youre happy with the native file search and app launcher in Mac OS X, then why change? You probably know that you can access Spotlight quickly with the Command-spacebar keyboard shortcut, but here are a few more tricks you might not know exist.


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

What to Expect at Macworld 2009

Since Apple confirmed that no new products would be shipping before the holiday season, nearly everything can be rumored in regards to Macworld 2009.

An anonymous tip MacBlogz received back on November 3rd claimed to know information regarding a 32GB iPhone. That rumored red iPhone¦ Its not happening. The only iPhone news I know for certain is th


Apples Snow Leopard still evolving developers say

Although there's been some evidence to suggest Snow Leopard could hit the market several months ahead of expectations, new information reveals that Apple remains heavily engaged in building out some of the features first previewed back in June.


CBS Web Site Bitten by IFRAME Hack

It appears that Russian malware distributors were able to launch another iFrame attack on a subdomain of the site so that it was serving remote malware to any visitors.

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Asus Laptop 26 lbs 1 inch thick and 500

Asus' Redesigned Eee PC 1002HA Netbook is Slimmer and Lighter with a lightweight package weighing just 2.6 pounds and measuring 1-inch thick.

The Eee PC 10002HA is available now through the usual outlets with an MSRP set at $499.

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