Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The History of Computing in 4 Minutes and 8-Bits

Heres a really neat video all about the history of computing.

Usually, one would be hard pressed to compact all that information into a simple little lecture but amazingly the Superbrothers� have managed to squish it into a four minute video. Schoolhouse Rock!�eat your heart out.

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Making Social Networks Profitable

Googles new approach could offer advertisers coveted online communities

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http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/08_40/b4102050681705.htm?chan=top news_top news index - temp_technology

Is Wall Streets Collapse Computer Sciences Gain?

Stanford University is reporting more interest from students in computer science.

As we recall, computer science enrollments crashed after the dot-com bust as students turned to hedge fund majors. Now, students are considering changing from finance majors due to concern over availability of finance jobs.

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Monday, 29 September 2008

Now THATS what I call multitasking! (Possibly NSFW)

This lady is a triple threat.

She can talk on the phone, surf the web on her PowerBook, AND double-pump breast milk at the same time! (Or are her breasts actually powering the laptop?)

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Live DVD for Linux Games

lg-live is a live Linux DVD pre-installed with some of the top linux games out there.

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Auto Cash System Product Sheet

This looks like a turkey - bookmarked as one to avoid.


Last.FM Releases Highly Anticipated iPhone App Update

Last.FM has finally released the highly anticipated update to their iPhone application.

Initial App Store reviews for the debut of the Last.FM app werent very high. The app is currently rated at three stars, compared to its competitor Pandoras five star app.


Linux for Older PCs : From Ubuntu to Vector Linux

I tried Vector Linux, a slackware based distro, known to be fast and stable, ideal for older machines like mine and yet never compromising on the features...Once all the initial quirks are resolved (especially the xorg issue), VL is a really solid distro.

It is fast as expected from Xfce.

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Hands on with some surprising $80 night vision goggles

What would you do if you could see in the dark? Jakks Pacific has released a sub-$100 pair of night vision goggles as a toy, but we found them to be much better than expected.

Our review inside.

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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Math Clock for Math Geeks

Math Clock for Math Geeks

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The Rich Jerk still alive

The Rich Jerk was one of the first big hits of information programs, and amazingly hes still going.

It seems Jerks dont die, they just continually lower their prices. Die Jerk!


Apple selling unlocked iPhone 3G in Hong Kong

Apple is selling the iPhone 3G on its Apple Store Web site in Hong Kong, promising the phones can be activated with any wireless carrier.


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Tech boom means China will run out of IP addresses by 2011

China isnt as far along with IPv6 as were sometimes lead to believe, which is something that should probably change before IPv4 addresses are predicted to run out in the country in the next two years and three months.

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How Your Laptop Will Just Keep Getting Faster

Three deep-in-the-lab technologies will extend PCs relentless power boosts.

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5 Ways Googles Android Beats the iPhone And 5 Ways It Wont

Google is hoping to transform cell phones the way it did to the Web, beginning with its first Android phone, the new T-Mobile G1.

But if really wants to dominate the mobile market, Google will have to prove that it can out-do (or get third parties like HTC to out-do) Apples iPhone, the market leader when it comes to functionality and usability.


Control your TV simply by waving your arm

Consumers will soon be able to control their TV screens or home entertainment systems simply by waving their hand, thanks to technology developed by Toshibas Cambridge Research Laboratory in collaboration with the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.


The five best desktop Linuxes you havent tried

If you use desktop Linux chances are youve used Ubuntu, Red Hat/Fedora or SUSE Linux/openSUSE, but there are others that are worthy of your attention.

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Friday, 26 September 2008

Top 15 things you should never do on Facebook

Love them or hate them, social networking sites are here to stay.

Facebook and MySpace are among the most popular destinations on the web. And even though they can be extremely annoying,

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Leaked: Could It Be the New MacBook Pro?

Leaked: Could It Be the New MacBook Pro?

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http://valleywag.com/5054933/new-macbook-pro-photo-maybe- -its-french

Thursday, 25 September 2008

PlayOgg.org - Ogg is on the rise!

More and more sites are streaming in free media formats such as Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora -- from Wikimedia projects to national radio stations.

The PlayOgg.org campaign brings you an update and asks for your help in building its growing list of Ogg friendly sites.


Gnome 2.24 is Out!

GNOME 2.24 is the latest version of the GNOME Desktop: a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer.

GNOMEs focus is ease of use, stability, and first class internationalisation and accessibility support. Some of the new features include tabs inside the file manager and a new instant messaging client called empathy.

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About Google Nemesis product sheet

Could we worth a look.

Google Nemesis is a software tool and accompanying set of ebooks that aims to allow even the complete Internet Marketing beginner to start profiting from selling Clickbank ebooks through Google driven traffic.

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Worst. iPhone Costume. Ever. [PIC]

Seen at the Valley Fair Apple Store here in the Bay Area, some guys protesting Apple for something or other while wearing a homemade iPhone costume.

Did your mom help you make that costume, sir? Because you should really ask her for help�shed be able to pick out a nicer typeface and better looking icons.

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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fake popup study sadly confirms most users are idiots

Researchers find that, in their haste to get rid of annoying popup alerts, most users dont bother to examine popups for the telltale signs of browser-based malware.

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Its alive!: Ars reviews AmigaOS 4.1

From its very inception, the Amiga has been about defying conventional wisdom.

In the early 1980s, everyone knew that personal computers werent powerful enough to multitask, but the Amiga proved the naysayers wrong.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

uTorrents Mac Client Leaked

An early Alpha release of the long awaited Mac version of the popular BitTorrent client uTorrent has leaked to the public.

The application is still in development, but most features seem to work just fine. As expected, the application looks very Mac-like, and better than its Windows counterpart.


WordPress Archive that *works*: StepxStep Guide and Plugins

One of the advantages of using WP Archives page is the amount of information that it can provide to help the visitors easily browse your blog and find what theyre looking for.

It can also act a your blogs sitemap which is perfect for search engines.


Digg User Zaibatsu Banned - Reactions from Digg Management

Theres more user unrest in the community of popular social news site Digg, after the all-time number 3 ranked user Zaibatsu, a.k.a.

Reg Saddler, was banned for multiple violations of the Digg Terms of Use. That decision is final and irreversible, according to an email Saddler got from Digg today.

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Recession Rescue System

Recession Rescue System is an info product designed to help those new to making money online start doing so quickly.

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Monday, 22 September 2008

iTunes 9 Ideas

Video by Mr.

Kevin Rose


Apple prepping a 32GB iPhone update; bringing back at-home a

Were not particularly inclined to believe them, but the whispers that Apple is about to bump the top-end iPhone capacity to 32GB are getting harder to ignore -- especially since 8GB inventory is drying up, leading to speculation thats its going to be dropped as soon as next week.

We think the timings a little odd on the heels of the Lets Rock

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Linux Can Do What Those Big Proprietary Innovators Cant

Our favorite software monopolist innovates new extremes of bullying, thuggery, and extracting top dollar for overlapping licenses and pooware, so I dont think that rates inclusion.

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Blogging Money Reviewed

Blogging to the Bank 2 is an ebook that details how to make profitable blogs that draw in thousands of visitors.

From the page: Blogging to the Bank was one of my favourite products of 2006, and its sequel is also highly impressive.


Wiggio Finally Gives Us Accessible Group Collaboration

Launching into public beta today, Wiggio describes itself very simply, Wiggio makes it easy to work in groups.

The entire concept of the site is based around making it simple for users to dive in and start using all of the features that they have to offer.

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Apple recalls millions of iPhone 3G power�adapters

Got a new iPhone 3G? You probably got a bad adapter that needs to be returned so you dont run the risk of Electrocution!


Sunday, 21 September 2008

Steve Ballmer Goes Nuts (Again) To Sell Windows

Microsofts latest Im a PC advertising campaign kicked off pretty well, but someone, somewhere, thought it was missing something.

And by something we mean the lunacy of Steve Ballmer shouting at the top of his lungs.

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10 hot Web redesigns of 2008

its a good chance to take a look back at some of this years redesigns and talk about what was changed and/or fixed.

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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Stop the RIAA from using the DoJ to do its dirty work

Take action! Dont let the Senate pass the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Act of 2008.

Stop the RIAA from using the Department of Justice to do its dirty work.


Wine 1.1.5 Released

The Wine development release 1.1.5 is now available.

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Friday, 19 September 2008

Gates and Seinfeld Ads NOT Canceled

From a Crispin Porter source (Microsofts ad company), weve learned that the internet has jumped the gun and that the Microsoft Gates/Seinfeld ads have not been axed.

More details:

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Profit Lance - make profit online

The Profit Lance system is a home study course from Michael Andrews that aims to teach you the skills necessary to make a living online.

This isnt a Get Rich Quick scheme, with unrealistic promises. Instead, its aim is to allow you to master the long terms skills to create a stable online business.

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New Wii-like iGolf For iPhone

Once youre done turning your iPhone photos into works of art that Monet would be envious of, check out iGolf, a minutes-old app created by Palo Alto-based Social Gaming Network.

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Learn Kernel Command Using Linux System Calls

Linux system calls -- we use them every day.

But do you know how a system call is performed from user-space to the kernel? Explore the Linux system call interface (SCI), learn how to add new system calls and discover utilities related to the SCI.In this article, I explore the Linux SCI, demonstrate adding a system call to the 2.6.20 kernel.

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Apple Updates Remote App for iPhone, Adds Genius Function

Apple just dropped an update for the Remote application for iPhone/iPod touch.

Remote.app allows you to control any iTunes library (or Apple TV) over a local WiFi connection. According to the release notes, you will now be able to create a Genius playlist, and create/edit playlists in iTunes.

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17 years of Linux

On 17 September 1991 Linus was announcing the first version of the Linux kernel. (And yes in Romania its 17 September already :D)

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Review: EFiX Dongle Perfectly Transforms PC to Mac

When we first heard about EFiX�a simple USB dongle thatll let you magically install Leopard on your PC�it sounded too fantastic to be true.

Well, I used it to turn my gaming PC into a Mac Pro over the weekend, and Im somewhat amazed to say this, but it works perfectly.


9 Sites for Successful Job Interviews - Mashable

Here are 9 tools for successful job interviews that include everything from test quizzes to interview tips, access to others who can answer questions, and more.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Review: Apples Fourth-Generation iPod Nano

For its third anniversary, the highly portable 4G iPod nano gets a new tall and slim design, Genius Playlists, audio recording and other new software features, twice the RAM at the same price, and a new array of colors.

It continues to offer high quality audio, and plays video games, podcasts, TV and movie downloads, and movie rentals

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