Saturday, 31 January 2009

Microsoft adds fancy search option for Firefox

If you had any doubts Microsoft didn't appreciate the advantages of Firefox's ability to accommodate add-ons, you can dispel them now.

The company just released one that makes Microsoft's search service work better with the open-source Web browser.

Check it out here:

Court No right to shout

A federal court has rejected a former student's First Amendment suit against school officials who punished her for calling them "douchebags" in a Live Journal post.

Administrators are entitled to qualified immunity from suit unless they are clearly violating an established right, the court held; and the scope of student rights to online speech is a


Installing Windows 7 beta on a Mac with Sun VirtualBox

Microsofts public beta of Windows 7 is similar enough to Vista that it is fairly easy to install on a Mac, either using BootCamp to install it natively, or within a virtual environment.

Heres whats involved with obtaining the beta and installing it using Sun's free VirtualBox software.

Link source:

10 Websites To Make You A Photoshop Ninja

Using the Web, you can learn how to do just about anything in Photoshop, and either become great at it or just get really good at faking it.

Either way, youre doing cool stuff. Here are ten sites to get you Photoshopping like a champion

Get the low-down here:

10 lightweight apps to make older PCs fly

If your underpowered PC is slow, put it on an application diet.


Friday, 30 January 2009

How To Create your own Bokeh [DIY Photography]

Bokeh is an adaptation from a a Japanese word meaning blur.

In photography this term is used to describe the quality of the areas in the picture which are not in focus.


Google Launches Its ISP Throttling Detector aka MLab

With its partners on this project, the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute and the PlanetLab Consortium.

M-Lab is designed to be "an open platform that researchers can use to deploy Internet measurement tools. Google will work with researchers to help them develop relevant Internet measurement tools.


Irish ISP Agrees to Disconnect Repeat P2P Users

"Three strikes" rules have come to Ireland in a sudden and unexpected way, as the country's largest ISP settles a court case brought by the music industry and agrees to take action on file-swappers.

Repeat offenders will be disconnected from the 'Net.


Too Zune to pass judgement a review of the Zune Marketplace

When Microsoft announced that its flagship digital media player had posted a stunning 54 percent year-over-year drop in holiday sales, Zune-bashing officially became an Olympic sport.

But, unlike us, most of the bashers haven't spent any real time with Zune Marketplace, Microsoft's online answer to iTunes Music Store.


Firefox Mobile Coming For Windows Mobile Within a Week

Adorably-mascotted Firefox Mobile 'Fennec' is on its way to an early February release for the Windows Mobile-powered HTC Touch Pro, according to a post on the project's developer wiki.

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Google Joins Fight Against BitTorrent Throttling ISPs

Hundreds of ISPs all over the world limit and restrict BitTorrent traffic on their networks.

Unfortunately, most companies are not very open about their network management solutions. With a newly launched website, Google is now helping out by supporting applications that distinguish the good ISPs from the bad.


Apple gets censory on iBoobs ass

Get more from this author Apple has ordered the developer of the iPhone Wobble application to remove the words "boobs" and "booty" from his publicity, despite selling more than 20000 copies of the epically pointless app.

Check it out here:

Dont Fear the Penguin A Newbies Guide to Linux

Getting started with Linux can be an intimidating task, particularly for people who have never tried any operating system besides Windows.

In truth, however, very little about Linux is actually difficult to use. It's simply a different OS, with its own approach to doing things.

The full story is here:

The iPhone as Designed By Leonardo da Vinci

A cool iPhone t-shirts as designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

They have a pretty-pretty hand screen-printed poster too.


HOW TO Survive a Social Media Revolt

There have been numerous revolts on Digg (social news), hundreds of thousands of users have created numerous groups to stage protests on Facebook (social networking), and hundreds of blog posts have been written about how terrible Twitters service and up-time used to be and what a poor job they were doing in communicating their problems ..

Check it out here:

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mozilla contributes 100000 to fund Ogg development

Mozilla has donated $100,000 to help fund a collaborative initiative with the Wikimedia Foundation to improve open standards-based technology for video on the web.


The Data Security You Deserve

And the data security you should get.


Gmail Finally Adds Offline Support

One of Gmails most requested features " offline support " is now available in testing.

In other words, you can now use Gmail without an Internet connection, just like you can with desktop mail clients like Outlook.


British schools look at open source

Looking around the British Education Training and Technology show, BETT 2009, it was clear by the sheer size of the event, that an awful lot of money is being spent on technology in education.

With Open Source Software covering almost every requirement in the national curriculum, a question has to be asked why schools do not back it more fully

Check it:

Navy Turbocharges Its Missiles

The Navy is developing a new type of rocket engine to make missiles faster and more deadly.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

GNOME developer says KDE 42 rocks

Jason D.

Clinton, maintainer of the GNOME Games module: "I just wanted to continue to praise what the KDE people are doing since I poorly reviewed 4.0. I just installed KDE 4.2 (what is tagged in SVN) and played with it for a few hours. In short: it is amazing! It is so, so impressive. You guys deserve tons of kudos for what you have achieved."


Chip complex delaying Apples new iMac line says analyst

"We wanted to give an update on the Mac business from what we are picking up from our latest supply chain checks," Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a report to clients Monday. "While new the iMac appears to be almost ready for primetime, what is holding it up appears to be business reasons and a potential small technical hurdle."


Wikipedia May Switch to System Requiring Editorial Approval

Wikipedia's founder, Jimmy Wales, is proposing a system of flagged revisions, which would mean any changes made by a new or unknown user would have to be approved by one of the site's editors, before the changes were published.

This would mean a radical shift from the site's philosophy that allows anyone to make changes to almost any entry.

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Power of WordPress and jQuery 30 Great Plugins

jQuery is ideal because it can create impressive animations and interactions while being simple to understand and easy to use.

WordPress awesomeness lies in its fact that it can be customized to power any type of site you like! But what happens when you combine the power of jQuery with WordPress, the possibilities are infinite.


Microsofts IE8 Release Candidate Goes Live Final

The new version, which comes after two public beta releases, is now considered platform complete - the product is effectively complete and done.

Unless there are major critical issues that arise, the final version of the browser should be identical. | Is this finally the end of the IE development headaches?


Monday, 26 January 2009

22 Most Used Free Fonts By Professional Designers

As we already know that the fonts are one of the most important parts of every web Project and choosing them is quit a difficult job for a web designer if his understanding of Typography is low.


8 Inspiring Stories Of ASCII Art

Labels are fragile: text and pictures have always been closely connected.

From the dawn of written language to the era of microcomputers, much of human creation has explored the relationship between the literal and the figurative, the form and the function. Within this is the future site of retro, ASCII art.


30 Useful Open Source Apps for Web Designers

There are plenty of open source applications that can help you tremendously as a web designer.

In this article, youll find 30 exceptionally handy open source applications for web designers.

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Mark Shuttleworth Strikes the Right Tone On Windows 7

Some people are scratching their heads over recent Windows 7-related comments attributed to Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth.

But Shuttleworths words provide an important reminder that innovation and competition from Microsoft will help to propel Ubuntu and Linux forward.


New device allows you to charge your laptop with foot pedal

This compact device called the YoGen Max from a company called Easy Energy allows you to charge up your laptop anywhere in the world with the power of your foot.

If you are at an airport with no outlets in sight or on a plane and you dont mind looking a bit silly and getting weird looks this could be perfect for you.

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Obama To Ditch His BlackBerry For A Windows Phone

The American President's data can't be trusted to Canada-based RIM, says Microsoft.

Get the low-down here:

AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 65GHz With Liquid Helium 220C

Team Finland and Pete Hardman and Sami Makinen from AMD, use a combination of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to reach CPU tempertures of -232 degrees Celsius in order to attain CPU clock speeds of 6.5GHz and smashing the world record for 3DMarks with 45,474 3DMarks in a test.

Check it:

6 Gadgets That Will Help You Score a New Job

Companies are turning to downsizing to cut costs in this troubled economy.

If you were caught up in the layoffs or you simply sucked at your job and got canned, these gadgets can help.


Apple Mac Computers Through The Ages Pics

Designed and hand-built by Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the Apple I was Apple's first product, and went on sale in July 1976 at the distinctly unsettling price of $666.66.

Only 200 units were produced, and unlike many other computers of the day, the Apple I came as a fully assembled circuit board containing around 30 chips.

The full story is here:

CNN Uses P2P Plugin for its Live Stream

This week, millions of people watched Obamas inauguration on the Internet through one of the many sites that offered a live feed.

CNNs broadcast was without doubt one of the most used viewed streams, with a peak of more than a million simultaneous viewers and also one that was using P2P technology.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Palm throws legal gauntlet at Apple

Ever since Tim Cook made his non-specific, veiled threats in response to a direct question about how the Palm Pre "almost directly emulates the kind of touch interface" found on the iPhone, the entire tech community has waited for the next move.

Now Lynn Fox, a Palm spokesperson has stepped into the fray: "Palm has a long history of innovation...

Check it:

The First Ever Apple Computer Running Windows 1983

Yesterday we missed this in our look at the first review of Windows ever: Here's the first known photo of an Apple computer running Windows 1.0 software.

Yes, Mr. Bootcamp, Windows on Apple in 1983.


Engadget goes all the way with Windows 7 Beta

Engadget's gone and pulled together all its thoughts and impressions so far on the Windows 7 Beta into one big review, showing its true love for MS Paint in the process.


Game Testing Guru

Game Testing Guru is a guide on how to become a games tester, written by Andrew Ward.

Andrew is a games tester who promises to show you how to the career of...


Why You Should Always Log Out

"I can't tell you how many times I've gone to the library or a computer lab and found someone still logged into their user account.

It used to make me angry. It used to make me wonder what was wrong with people. I don't know if they just forget or just don't care, but either way they deserve to be messed with for their stupidity..."


9 Internet Security Suites Paying for Protection

Using security software is more important than ever.

Our tests of the latest all-in-one security suites show that good protection can shut down the nastiest viruses, spyware, and adware.

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Friday, 23 January 2009

TwoThirds of Americans Without Broadband Dont Want It

With broadband stimulus plans in the works over in Washington, Pew's Internet & American Life project reminds us that plenty of those without broadband don't actually seem to want it.


Only 4 Gamers

Only 4 Gamers is a guide on how to get a job as a game tester by Aaron Johnson.

It covers topics such as 5 things never to say to a gaming company, 4 warning...

Check it out here:

Apple puts iPhone Nano and Netbook rumors to rest

During Apple's earnings conference call yesterday, Apple COO Tim Cook fielded a wide variety of questions, but two answers in particular helped shed a bit of light on the likelihood that Apple would enter the netbook market or release a lower end iPhone.

Check it out here:

AMD Phenom II Processor Prices Slashed by 18

Advanced Micro Devices cuts the prices of some of its processors for high-end desktops and gaming PCs.

Link source:

Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson on Digg Dupes and Power Users

Digg announced today that it's going to be chilling out on growth plans, and maybe even reducing staff.

I caught up with Digg founder Kevin Rose and CEO Jay Adelson last week at the L.A. Diggnation meetup, and asked them about the state of the San Francisco company, features in the works, the power-user problem and their take on the media landscape

Check it out here:

LG Lotus handson

We'd really harshed on this phone prior to its release, because... well, when you're used to flip phones looking a certain way, it looks kinda funny.

In the flesh, though, the LG Lotus looks just fine -- once you get past the fact that it's basically a perfect square when closed -- and anyone who does a lot of messaging should probably take note.

The full story is here:

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Guy Gets Arm Replaced Luke Skywalker Style

Evan Reynolds, 19, got his hand and part of his arm ripped off in a car accident and has since been fitted with an i-LIMB, a robotic hand developed by an Apple/Star Wars fanboy.

Check it out here:

Exterior works and DIY

Great list of electrical related tradesmen in the UK; Electrical heating, lighting, wiring etc

Read the full story here:

Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats Mac OS Xs Doc

"Yeah, I said it.

The Windows 7 taskbar is the most important Windows UI change since Windows 95, and it will dramatically change the way you use Windows. And it's better than the Mac's Dock."

Get the low-down here:

Do police have the right to confiscate your camera

Seconds after BART police officer Johannes Mehserle shot and killed Oscar Grant, police immediately began confiscating cell phones containing videos that have yet to see the light of day.

In fact, the only videos that have been seen by the public were filmed by people who managed to leave the scene before police confronted them.

Check it out here:

Game Tester Guide

Game Tester Guide is an informational product from An anonymous author.

The product takes the buyer through such topics as get paid to test video games...


Understanding and Avoiding Malicious Code Attacks in Linux

Linux is a very secure operating system, immune to Windows viruses and trojans.

Instead, the potential security threat lies in running malicious code - by accident or voluntarily. It's easy to avoid the most common attacks by knowing what to look for. Here are a few guidelines and examples of commands that Linux beginners should treat carefully.

Check it out here:

Is the iPhone Up to the Challenge of Portable Gaming

Apple claims 62 per cent of the UK music player market, 78 per cent in the US, and the market for games on iPhone is thriving.

We sat down with Greg Joswiak, Apples VP of iPod and iPhone product marketing, to find out why he thinks the App Store will revolutionise the portable gaming market.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Planning and Design who to hire

Great list of electrical related tradesmen in the UK; Electrical heating, lighting, wiring etc

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Analysts iPhone Outselling Android Nearly 6to1

While Apple may not have had the strongest of holiday sales for Macs and iPods, estimates for sales of iPhone 3G versus T-Mobile's G1 may show Apple's device having outsold one of its closest competitors by a ratio of six to one in the US alone.

Get the low-down here:

Twitter Not Loved In Europe Twitter time waster

European companies say the social-networking tool is a time waster. "Just had a cup of our Guatemala Casi Cielo ...

It means 'almost heaven' in Spanish," a Starbucks manager wrote in a recent Twitter post.


Obama Takes Over White House Twitter Account thewhitehouse

In a day marked by transition, another interesting one to note: @thewhitehouse, the Twitter account previously maintained by the Bush Administration, has changed hands to the Obama team.

Today, along with the rollout of a new, the account is now featuring updates from Obamas new media team and a new avatar.

Check it out here:

Gamer Testing Ground

Gamer Testing Ground is an informational product from An anonymous author.

The product takes the buyer through such topics as get paid to play new video...

The full story is here:

The Barack Obaba Spycam Belt Buckle

That's not a typo.

You can celebrate the inauguration the old fashioned way, with a spycam/DVR belt buckle featuring a visage that in no way resembles our future President.


50 Extremely Useful PHP Tools

PHP is one of the most widely used open-source server-side scripting languages that exist today.

With over 20 million indexed domains using PHP, including major websites like Facebook, Digg and WordPress, there are good reasons why many Web developers prefer it to other server-side scripting languages, such as Python and Ruby.


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Steve Jobs to stand for reelection to Disneys board

Although complicated health issues have forced Steve Jobs into a 6 month leave from Apple, he's seemingly confident in his ability to serve on Disney's Board of Directors, where he'll be standing for reelection come March.


Technology to block phones in cars isnt foolproof

Many parents would love to be able to give their teenagers a cell phone that couldn't be used while driving.

Now some inventors say they have come up with ways to make that possible, but they appear to be relying on wishful thinking.

Check it out here:

Complete list of UK Electrical tradesmen

Great list of electrical related tradesmen in the UK; Electrical heating, lighting, wiring etc

Read the full story here:

Largest Danish ISPs Blocks The Pirate Bay

TDC, Denmarks largest ISP and owner of most of the cables, has decided to block access to The Pirate Bay.

TDC took the step following an earlier decision made by a Danish judge who ordered another ISP, Tele2, to do the same. The case is currently under appeal, but TDC decided to block the BitTorrent tracker as a precaution.

The full story is here:

Become A Game Tester

Become A Game Tester is an informational product from Matthew Johnson.

The product takes the buyer through such topics as info about gaming companies from...

Link source:

15 Stunning Examples of Long Exposure Photography

The art of Long Exposure Photography is a something that can take your breath away when you get it right.

Here are a few images to get you inspired.

Check it:

Judge 17000 illegal downloads dont equal 17000 lost sale

If a song has been downloaded from a torrent site 17,000 times, it doesn't necessarily equal 17,000 lost sales, according to US District Judge James P.

Jones. The judge recently ruled against using this kind of reasoning in determining restitution in a criminal copyright case, though it doesn't necessarily affect civil cases against downloaders.

Get the low-down here:

Monday, 19 January 2009

Microblogging in orbit from new satellite

Send your messages from space with new photo platform.

The notion comes from Japan, where a non-profit called Kansai Space Initiative (KSI) has been set up to build a tiny satellite that anyone can use once it's in orbit.

Read the full story here:

The Myka BitTorrent Box Looks Like a Scam

Myka, a new BitTorrent enabled set-top box was about to enter the market last year, and received widespread coverage online.

The project soon went silent, but this weekend they have made the news again with another promise to ship soon. Dont fall for it though, it has scam written all over it.

The full story is here:

80 Most Wanted Adobe Illustrator Tutorials Resources

An assortment of top-notch tutorials, brushes, patterns, tips and .EPS files that others have freely contributed to the design community.

Check it:

Epidermis Theme Manager

Epidermis is a project that promises to bring together all the aspects of a complete GNOME theme in to a single interface, allowing you to install and apply a completely new theme in a single click.


Digg Sponsored by StumbleUpon

Shown in this screen shot is an ad for StumbleUpon which is running on Digg.

This is a brilliant move by StumbleUpon! After you click through on the ad they have a very slick video on how easy it is to place an ad with their service. By the way Reddit has a similar program too with sponsored links.

Check it:

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Web host GoDaddy hit by a DDoS attack

Domain name registrar and web hosting provider, was hit by a DDoS attack on Wednesday affecting thousands of its shared hosting customers for several hours.

GoDaddys Communications Manager Nick Fuller confirmed the attack originally speculated to be an outage, and responded to several questions about it.

Check it:

Steve Wozniak Speaks About Steve Jobs Health Issues Video

The points Wozniak makes about Apples product pipeline, and how they have long roadmaps sometimes stretching 1 or 2 years ahead, may be enough to reassure people that whatever products are released over the next 6 months, have been planned for quite a while.

They arent being rapidly conceived and developed without Jobs overseeing vision.

Link source:

Apple working on 15inch MacBook Air says blog

A Chinese-language blog with a debatable track record claims Apple is working on a 15-inch MacBook Air with more information to come in the "second half" of this year.

The full story is here:

DIY Garden Info Great List

Solves my problem of who to hire to get my windows and doors done.



How to create your own Firefox theme

With a seemingly endless collection of add-ons, extensions and extras, Firefox is one of the most customisable browsers.

But you can take your customisations even further by changing the graphics and adding your own add-ons and extensions.

Check it:

Caught Belkin Pays 65 Cents For Fake Good Reviews on Amazon

Users are paid 65 cents for every positive review they leave on an listing for a Belkin router which has consistently gotten bad reviews in the past from users who say that the product is loaded with Bugs, goes on & off whenever it feels like, and comes at a hefty price.

The full story is here:

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Tim Cook The Man in Steve Jobs Shoes

Apple Inc. founder and chief executive Officer Steve Jobs is prone to fits of passion, table pounding and screaming.

Link source:

KDE 42 release candidate now available

The KDE project has announced the availability of the KDE 4.2 release candidate.

This release is not intended for use in production environments, but it is suitable for testers who want to get an early look at the new features and help track down some of the remaining bugs.

Link source:

Now theres a Barack Obamabranded cellphone in Kenya

Hah! A Kenyan cellphone company has released a Barack Obama-branded cellphone.

It's decked out in red and blue, with fun phrases like Yes We Can"

Get the low-down here:

Windows and Doors UK Tradesmen

Solves my problem of who to hire to get my windows and doors done.


Check it out here:

What Your PCs Drive Will Look Like In 5 Yrs

Say goodbye to the hard disk drive


UK ISPs to Become Piracy Cops

UK communications minister Lord Carter has drafted new regulations that will require ISPs to warn customers suspected of sharing copyrighted material, that they are acting illegally.

Furthermore, ISPs will have to hand over details of repeated infringers to the entertainment industry and other rights holders.

Read the full story here:

Friday, 16 January 2009

Everything about Floors

Every flooring tradesman in the UK.

Handy list.

Check it out here:

Debian on Android installer released

I have created and installer and bootloader (download below) for getting Debian running on your Android (G1 at the moment) device, the whole install process will take you about 10 mins, and leaves you with access to the full plethora of programs available in Debian and let's you continue using your phone as it was intended to be

Read the full story here:

Leaked First Office 14 screenshots

Screenshots for various alpha Office 14 applications have leaked.

Here they are.

Check it out here:

Radioheads pay what you like crosses over to real estate

A major music industry conference in Cannes, France, is pulling a page from the Radiohead playbook and letting visitors pay only what they want at 40 apartments.

Check it out here:

GPUs Used to Successfully Crack WiFi Passwords w PICS

Russian-based ElcomSoft has just released ElcomSoft Wireless Security Auditor 1.0, which can take advantage of both Nvidia and ATI GPUs.

ElcomSoft claims that the software uses a "proprietary GPU acceleration technology," which implies that neither CUDA, Stream, nor OpenCL are being utilized in this instance.


Dell sells Ubuntu But its NOT recommended says this CSR

Surely, I am an advocate of Dell (and, and now HP for mobile mi(it's Ubuntu)) because of their GUTS to sell GNU/Linux to end users! That being said, I wanted for people to see this story to raise awareness.

Regular people are getting pushed around, being discouraged from choice, and soldiers of freedom MUST ANSWER! BRING IT ON!!

Get the low-down here:

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Restore Net Neutrality Protections to the Internet

During the campaign, Barack Obama pledged to take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Net Neutrality"


EU Conceals AntiPiracy Treaty Documents

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) currently being discussed by several of the worlds leading countries, will undoubtedly lead to stricter ant-piracy legislation.

The problem though, is that nobody really knows what it will entail. The EU refuses to make the drafts public, which makes it impossible for the public to review the document

The full story is here:

UK Kitchen Tradesmen

Great list of people in the UK to sort out my kitchen!

Check it out here:

Snow Leopard to Bring Unifying Marble User Interface

Exact details of the theme changes have not been made public, as the current developer seeds for Snow Leopard still retain Apple's existing Aqua theme.

The new theme will likely involve tweaks to the existing design and perhaps a "flattening" of Aqua in-line with Apple's iTunes and iPhoto interface elements.

The full story is here:

How To Migrate Your Desktop From Windows To Linux

Moving from Windows to Linux is a big decision, but actually making the leap can be challenging and intimidating.

By understanding the planning and preparation process for migrating to Linux, business owners and IT staff will know what to expect during installation so they can make the move manageable

Link source:

Apple confronts Wired over Mac OS X netbook hacking tutorial

A December video tutorial teaching viewers how to modify a netbook to run Mac OS X has landed tech magazine Wired in hot water with Apple's legal department.

Check it out here:

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

One of the Coolest SciFi Weapons Ever Recreated [PICS]

Some sci-fi props are cool, some are neat, and some are just plain corny.

To qualify for cool, the prop has to strike a special nerve for me. The M41-A Pulse Rifle is such a prop. As seen in the 1986 movie "Aliens", this prop became an instant classic.


Ubuntu 904 Boots in 214 Seconds

Ok how will the end user benefit from this EXT4 filesystem? Well, first of all, the whole system will be much faster and more reliable compared to one with EXT3, it will boot faster (the current article proves that) and it's able to handle files with sizes of up to 16 terabytes (1 TB = 1000 GB).

Check it:

Carol Bartz To Become Yahoo CEO

Former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz, credited for that company's turnaround, has agreed to face another challenge, but on a much larger scale, accepting an offer to become Yahoo CEO.

Get the low-down here:

Bathroom Tradesmen in the UK

Useful list of bathroom related tradesmen in the UK; Bathroom Fitters, Bathroom Installation, Showers, Tiles, Plumbing, etc

Check it out here:

Apple to sell 40 per cent of smartphones by 2013

Analysis carried out by Generator Research shows that Apple's embryonic mobile business could knock Nokia from the top spot in the smartphone market, and transform the mobile services market.

Check it:

Our First Windows 7 BSOD

We've been fiddling around with the Windows 7 Beta for a few days, but just now finally run into that old friend of Windows users: the blue screen of death.

Get the low-down here:

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pirate Bays Tour Bus to Become Court Case Press Center

Last year The Pirate Bay and the Bureau of Piracy bought themselves a bus, painted it up in suitable pirate-style livery and embarked on a European tour.

Now, with the trial of The Pirate Bay just a few weeks away, the bus will be coming home to Sweden to serve as the official court case press center.

Read the full story here:

FF is Better Because You Cant Do This With IE

FF is Better Because You Cant Do This With IE


Analytics Toolbox 50 More Ways to Track Website Traffic

If you have a website or blog youre probably interested in whos visiting your site and what theyre doing while theyre there.

Way back in 2007 we did a post on web analytics but a lot has changed since then. Most analytics packages are now focusing on real-time tracking of visitor data. Here are 50+ apps to help monitor your traffic.

Check it out here:

Chipotles Mobile Ordering App For Magic iPhone Burritos

Chipotle Mobile Ordering builds upon their already substantial online ordering system by allowing iPhone and iPod Touch owners to find locations, customize their orders, save their favorites and pay for everything while on the go.


Buycom Ships Four Hard Drives In Four OverSized Boxes

Steven at The Jewish Channel ordered four hard drives from, and got them, along with a packaging surprise.

The packaging was very excessive. Each hard drive came in its a separate packing box 4591.75 cubic inches larger than the hard drive box it was meant to contain.

Read the full story here: sized-boxes

Monday, 12 January 2009

TiVo Redesigns Search Function Wants to be the Google of TV

A little less than two years after TiVo debuted its swivel video search engine, it is now killing it in favor of a better integrated search whose biggest improvement is visual.

Check it out here:

We Screwed Up Windows 7 Beta So Unlimited Downloads For All

If you haven't grabbed your free beta copy of Windows 7 yet, there's good news: you've now got 2 weeks to do so.

Microsoft made the offer Saturday evening after what started as a well received offer turned into a potential PR disaster for Microsoft.

Read the full story here:

Solar and Wind Powered Portable Charger Unveiled at CES 2009

Not to be mistaken for a solar powered desk fan (which it sort of looks like), the crafty Kenisis K2 is a solar and wind powered 2-in-1 charger for all your USB needs.

Read the full story here:

Mr T will pity the fool who doesnt get iPity

The iPity app is an animated head of 80s pop culture icon Mr.

T, reciting some of his most classic lines when you touch the screen, including: I pity the fool, Get out my way sucka!, I aint dressin up like no nun!, You eat it! and Whatchu talkin about fool?" Brilliant.


Codafm A Refreshing Music Torrent Site is a new music torrent indexer that looks surprisingly good for a torrent site, and one that combines great design and functionality like weve never seen before.

Yet another great way to discover new music - if only the RIAA approved.

Get the low-down here:

Sunday, 11 January 2009

How to Build a Social Media Cheat Sheet for Any Topic

Below you'll find step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, for the process we use when we want to get smart about a new field in a hurry.

We'll use the field of Education as our example, because there is a lot of activity there and we presume we've got more educators as readers here than butchers or candlestick makers.


Firefox Dumps Google in russia

Russian-language Firefox users will see a new default search provider soon: Google rival Yandex. Mozilla currently has Google set to be the default search engine in Russian Firefox, but concluded Yandex was the better choice, according to a blog p


The First Pirate Bust Of 2009

It's not a happy new year for one UK resident who was busted for piracy.

Four computers with burners and more than 1,000 illegally copied games were seized in the raid - including 700 Xbox 360 games, 300 Wii titles and 100 PlayStation 2 games.

Read the full story here:

7 Bittorrent Clients for Linux

It's a common misconception that Linux doesnt have applications for day to day computing, nothing can be further from the truth.

In fact I would wager that there is an alternative for any app/function out there. For Bittorrent, here's all you need to know...


Linux 2628s five best features

This Christmas Linux kernel release brings several great new features to Linux, and its improvements promise even more Linux desktop goodness in the future.

Read the full story here:

Saturday, 10 January 2009

20 Websites with Beautiful Typography

An effective palette of fonts not only makes a design attractive, but also contributes to the readability and usability of the content.

In this collection, youll find a variety of sites that showcase creative and functional uses of typography.

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Introducing Tweetbacks Plugin for Wordpress

This post releases the Twittbacks WordPress Plugin that was developed and released especially for Smashing Magazine " this plugin imports tweets about your posts as comments.

You can display them in between the other comments on your blog, or display them separately.

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Boxee Officially Goes Public Anyone Can Join

Boxee, a service which lets users play and view their music, videos and photos on a connected laptop, HDTV or Apple TV, has officially stepped out of private alpha and into the public eye.

Users can now sign up for Boxee on the companys website, as they claim you are now free to be entertained.

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Best iPhone App Ever award winners announced

The "best ever" anything label is always one that kind of irks me.

Most things either haven't been around long enough, or are just too subjective to pick a clear "best ever." Whether it's the best guitar player ever, best painter ever, or best video game ever, usually the "winner" is hotly disputed. That's why I was somewhat skeptical when I saw a


Microsoft Postpones Windows 7 Public Beta

Microsoft Corp. postponed the roll-out of the Windows 7 beta today, citing "very heavy traffic" on its Web site.The new schedule for download of Windows 7 beta...

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Friday, 9 January 2009

Historic Gadgets Through The Years Photos

Historic Gadgets Through The Years - Photos

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Linux Symposium Statistics TShirt Size

Linux Symposium Statistics: T-Shirt Size

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History of the Internet How The Interent Was Formed VID

History of the Internet - How The Interent Was Formed (VID)

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TV Test Helps Analog Customers Gear Up For Digital Switch

If you have analog and you dont have a converter box yet, then Wednesday night at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., you noticed the flashing screen telling you that you needed one. Only about 200 calls came into the center tonight, which means people seem to be ready to go.

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Push Your Web Design Into The Future With CSS3

There are exciting new features in the pipeline for Cascading Style Sheets that will allow for an explosion of creativity in Web design.

These features include CSS styling rules that are being released with the upcoming CSS3 specification.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Toy trains Star Wars fans to use The Force

The Force Trainer (expected to be priced at $90 to $100) comes with a headset that uses brain waves to allow players to manipulate a sphere within a clear 10-inch-tall training tower, analogous to Yoda and Luke Skywalker's abilities in the Star Wars films.


SDXC memory cards promise 2TB of storage 300MBps transfer

Phenomenal (theoretical) cosmic capacity, itty-bity living space.

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A Closer Look at Apples Advanced Notebook Battery Tech

The new 17" MacBook Pro claims an industry leading 8 hours of battery life, thanks to a series of innovations Apple highlighted in the new notebook's introduction.

Even so, many of the advancements are not actually new, but rather the product of Apple's incremental engineering efforts to increase its notebooks' usability and desirability.


New Freescale processors target Linux netbooks

According to Freescale the chip is designed to power "low-power, gigahertz performance netbooks at sub-$200 price points".

Sporting an ARM Cortex-A8 core, Freescale claims that the i.MX515 performs from around 600mHz to 1 GHz and provides up to 2,100 Dhrystone MIPS (million instructions per second).

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Microsoft Layoff Rumors Swirl

Reports today that as early as this month, Microsoft will begin reducing its workforce.

Xbox 360 purveyor said to be reducing workforce significantly as early as this month; initial estimates of 15,000 layoffs labeled "grossly exaggerated."

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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Worried parents can track children with GPS locator watch

A satellite tracking device that will plot a child's location to within 10ft is being launched by a British firm.

The Nu.M8 digital watch uses GPS satellite technology like car sat nav systems. The watch can be securely fastened to a child's wrist and will trigger an alert if forcibly removed. Parents can then track their children on a website.


Debian 5 release approaches binary blobs included

The developers behind the Debian Linux distribution have voted to proceed with the release of the next major version despite ongoing controversy over the inclusion of binary firmware in the kernel.

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How To Become a Linux Netbook Power User

So, the season of giving has just come and gone, and youve received a Linux-based netbook"the popular new class of ultra-cheap, ultra-portable computer.

By definition, netbooks are very limited in what they can do; theyre primary meant for accessing the web as well as some moderate office and multimedia use. Their low-speed processor and minimal

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Revision3 Launches Search Improves Website

Weve got some cutting edge technology in place that allows us to index both our sites content as well as the content within the shows episodes! So if youre looking for that review of Crysis on The Totally Rad Show? Just type in Crysis in the search box on the top of the page, and boom! You get every mention of Crysis on our shows.

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