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White House officials net neutrality comments irk ATT

AT&T doesn't like the idea of new regulations mandating unfettered access to the Internet, and recent comments from the Obama administration that connected the issue to censorship in China have really gotten under its skin.


OmNi Forex Signals worth buying

Andy reviews OmNi Forex Signals...what does he reveal?


Friday, 27 November 2009

Mininova Deletes All Infringing Torrents and Goes Legal

Mininova, the largest torrent site on the Internet, has removed all torrents except those that were uploaded through its content distribution service.

Mininovas founders took the drastic decision after they lost a civil dispute against Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN, and were ordered to remove all infringing torrents from the site.


10 Alternatives To Mininova

After nearly five years of loyal service, Mininova disabled access to over a million torrent files when it partly shut down its website.

Starting today, only approved publishers are able to upload files to the site, but luckily there are plenty of alternatives and potential replacements BitTorrent users can flock to.


Learn That Language Now worth buying

Andy examines Learn That Language Now...what does he reveal?


RickRolling Author of first iPhone Worm Gets Developer Job

Author of the first iPhone worm has been given a job with a Australian iPhone app developer, much to the disgust of security experts.The Ikee worm surfaced two weeks ago, targeting jail-broken iPhones.

The worm was not malicious, but it's believed to have provided the template for the more sinister Duh worm. Sometimes crime pays, like for a new job


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Its Magic The First Apple Mouse That Doesnt Suck

It's about time.

For years, Apple has embraced aesthetic simplicity over practicality with its peripherals. Single-button mice! Yes, we know Apple hasn't made single-button mice for a long time, but why in the world did Steve Jobs ever think that was a good idea? Well, he was wrong until today.


Man pleads guilty to selling fake chips to US Navy ITworld

They would buy counterfeit chips from China or else take legitimate chips, sand off the brand markings and melt the plastic casings with acid to make them appear to be of higher quality or a different brand, the U.S.

Department of Justice said in a press release.


TeethWhitening Company Sues Google Microsoft Yahoo

A dental whitening company that admittedly used deceptive ad campaigns to trick users into signing up for expensive subscriptions is now suing Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others


The Best Smartphones on Every Carrier Full List

For the first time ever, every major carrier in the US actually has smartphones worth buying, meaning you don't have to break up to get a good phone.

Here's the best phones on each one, along with the best deals.


Amazing Aerial PicsGoogle Earth during the Second World War

An archive of aerial photographs snapped by daring pilots during secret reconnaissance missions in the Second World War have been revealed to the public for the first time.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Symantec Online Store Hacked Passwords Serial Numbers

A grey-hat hacker cracked Symantec and exposed user passwords and product serial numbers.


European Commission No 3 Strikes Without Judicial Oversight

The European Commission has issued a warning to the Spanish government that any plan to disconnect file-sharers from the Internet without involving a judge would create conflict with the EU.

This statement could also throw the three-strikes plans of the UK government and the Irish ISP Eircom into serious doubt.


Polar Printer Reimagines the Way Magnets Works With Video

A team of engineers in Alabama unveils an invention that reimagines the way magnets work, and that could change the way we do everything from closing the fridge to building frictionless gears.


Opera 1010 Web Browser and Web Server In One

With version 10.10, Opera (Opera) has taken its biggest step into the unknown so far, marrying the web browser with the web server.


Satellite D I R E C T worth it

From the page:SatelliteDirect's technology allows you to watch over 3,500 HD channels right on your PC.

There are No subscriptions/monthly fees, NO hardware to install and NO


Why Its Gotten Straight Stupid to Buy a Mac Pro

Never before has it been so apparent that a power tower—pretty much the laziest design in the computer industry—is being sold by a design-centric company with neither design nor power.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Apple voids Applecare warranty for smokers Computerworld

Apple has been accused of voiding two customers' Applecare warranty because their Macs were used by smokers.

Apple says it's worried about the health and safety of its technicians, but in IT Blogwatch, bloggers roll up that argument and set fire to it. (AAPL)


Microsoft delays open sourcing Windows 7 tool

Microsoft has delayed open sourcing its Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, which it pulled from its servers over reports that it violated the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Bing Tries To Buy The News

Rupert Murdoch is pointing a gun to Google's head, and Microsoft is helping him pull back the trigger.

For the past few weeks, ...


Chrome OS And The Microsoft Squeeze

Now that we've all actually seen Chrome OS, the immediate reaction that most are jumping to is that it won't be killing Windows anytime soon...


9 Monstrous Mechanical Marvels [Gallery]

Ugly and sometimes frightening, the largest gadgets on Earth help mankind achieve the magnificent.


Monday, 23 November 2009

OMG UBUNTU Docky Gains Panel Mode Network Docklet More

Docky gained a sleek new panel mode and a network manager docklet in an update to users of the Docky PPA yesterday.


OMG UBUNTU Docky Gains Panel Mode Network Docklet More

Docky gained a sleek new panel mode and a network manager docklet in an update to users of the Docky PPA yesterday.


News Corp Microsoft want to lock Google out

MICROSOFT has held talks with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp over a possible plan for the software giant to pay the media company to remove its news websites from Google, putting pressure on search juggernaut Google to start paying for content


News Corp Microsoft want to lock Google out

MICROSOFT has held talks with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp over a possible plan for the software giant to pay the media company to remove its news websites from Google, putting pressure on search juggernaut Google to start paying for content


News Corp Microsoft want to lock Google out

MICROSOFT has held talks with Rupert Murdoch's News Corp over a possible plan for the software giant to pay the media company to remove its news websites from Google, putting pressure on search juggernaut Google to start paying for content


Bing Accused of Censoring Simplified Chinese Language Search

The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof is controversially asking web users to Boycott Bing, claiming that Bing is censoring Simplified Chinese queries even outside the Peoples Republic of China.


Bing Accused of Censoring Simplified Chinese Language Search

The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof is controversially asking web users to Boycott Bing, claiming that Bing is censoring Simplified Chinese queries even outside the Peoples Republic of China.


Security in Googles Chrome OS

The new Chrome OS promises extreme security.

It is too early to put it to the test, but we took a close look at their strategy and checked in with some security experts for their opinions, too.


Saturday, 21 November 2009

New apps said to make iPod touch prominent in Apple stores

In addition to the the EasyPay iPod touch application used for checkouts, numerous Apple-created, task-specific applications are allegedly coming to Apple retail employees, AppleInsider has been told.


YouTube to get Automatic Subtitles

Automatic captions for YouTube videos are to roll out across its channels, says parent company Google.


YouTube to get Automatic Subtitles

Automatic captions for YouTube videos are to roll out across its channels, says parent company Google.


Skype bought back from Ebay

Read blogs about the latest Skype news with Skype blogs


Why Google Should Cool It With Chrome OS

Sometimes you have to take a step down to step up.

Thats what Google shouldve done with its open-source PC operating system Chrome OS, which the corporation demonstrated Thursday.


icpctv worth buying

Andy reviews Icpc...what does he reveal?


Chrome OS babies and bathwater

In an age where products that have never been announced get coverage and even critiqued over rumored shipping delays, it's no surprise that Google received a lot of coverage this week with an update on its Chrome OS strategy.


Friday, 20 November 2009

JavaScript graphics performance improvements on tap for IE9

At PDC, Microsoft talked about what the next version of its browser will bring to the world.

IE9 will contain a new emphasis on performance and graphics, and should make the browser far more competitive with its competitors.


New Apple Productsas Imagined by the Elite Gadget Press

What will be Apple's next super-product--its next spectacular, game-changing "one more thing"? We asked five Apple experts to brainstorm with abandon and then brought their ideas to life.


Chromium OS Source released

I noticed that the source released happened during the webcast, so go get it now! Getting and building:


cindymariecom worth buying

Andy reviews Cindy Marie...what does he find?


Ask Amir How do spammers send from my email address

In a previous Security Levity post, I was asked a question that often comes up.

A commenter wondered how is it that spammers can send spam from "my" email address? And is that something we should be worried about?


ATT hits back at Verizons Map for That campaign

AT&T sure isn't taking Verizon's Map for That campaign too well.

After losing a request for an injunction (for now), the company seems to have decided that the only thing to do in the short term is to start advertising right back at Verizon.


Thursday, 19 November 2009

ICANN attendees America surrender the root zone file

Complaints about continuing US government control of Internet domain name issues surfaced again this week in Egypt at the UN-backed Internet Governance Forum.

Should the US government step even further back from the Internet?


Application Makes Your iPhone Blow Air

At last, after being blowed a billion times, it's the iPhone's turn.

Believe it or not, there's a new application for the iPhone that uses its speaker to blow air. No peripherals. No attachments. Check the video for yourself.


Ethics leaks spur House bill banning P2P apps on gov PCs

Over the past year, there have been several embarrassing incidents where private government documents have leaked because employees didn't know how to properly configure P2P client software.

For the US House of Representatives, the last straw came when ethics documents were leaked. A bill has been introduced to ban the use of P2P apps by federal em


FCC discusses barriers to national broadband plan

President Obama has made universal broadband access a key goal.

Grants and loans for helping make universal broadband access a reality have already started being doled out as part of Congress's economic stimulus package.


The Google Phone Is Very Real And Its Coming Soon

The debate over Droid v. iPhone rages on, but lots more Android surprises are on the way.

Get ready for the Google Phone. Its no longer a myth, its real. Like the iPhone for Apple, this phone will be Googles pure vision of what a phone should be.


surveyhawkcom worth it

From the webpage:Tired of searching the internet for ways to make extra cash? Look no further - we have the answer that you have been looking for.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Pirate Bay Tracker Shuts Down for Good TorrentFreak

Today marks the end of an era, as The Pirate Bay team announces that the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker is shutting down for good.

Although the site will remain operational for now, millions of BitTorrent users will lose the use of its tracker and will instead have to rely on DHT and alternative trackers to continue downloading.


Belgian heist lands thousands of stolen Apple iPhones

Local reports from De Standaard and Gazet van Antwerpen vary on whether it was 3,000 or 4,000 iPhones stolen, but at a worth of 575 to 675 euros each, the market value is said to be around 2 million euros, or $3 million U.S.

The handsets were allegedly stolen from a Netherlands-based logistics company CEVA Logistics in Willebroek.


Review of easy click mate

Andy takes a look at easy click mate...what does he discover?


Laptop Reliability Study Asus and Toshiba Come Out on Top

New data from SquareTrade (one of the bigger warranty providers) says Asus and Toshiba have the least hardware malfunctions over 3 years, while one-in-four HP laptops are projected to experience problems.

Oh, and crappy netbooks are worst of all.


Special report Silicon Sweatshops Part 1

Despite strict "codes of conduct," labor rights violations are the norm at factories making the world's favorite high-tech gadgets.

Whether it's your cherished iPhone, Nokia cell phone or Dell keyboard, it was likely made and assembled in Asia by workers who have few rights, and often toil under sweatshop-like conditions, activists say.


Trackon The BitTorrent Tracker Tracker TorrentFreak

If you have ever used a public or open tracker, you know that reliability often comes with a half-hearted smile " trackers can go offline and return again, often without explanation or warning.

To help keep track of the status of public trackers, theres now Trackon, the BitTorrent Tracker Tracker.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Whats Next for Future IPhones

As impressive as the iPhone has been since its debut two years ago, the device has never been without its flaws.

Apple's regular updates to the software have...


5 Windows 7 Features You Probably Didnt Know About

5 Windows 7 Features You Probably Didn't Know About


Review of Mind Zoom

From the webpage:Using Subliminal Messages to improve your Health, Self-Esteem, Improving your life.

Mindzoom Software Uses undetected subliminal messages.


Facebook A Tool for Cops and Robbers

Security analysts in Venezuela say it is becoming increasingly frequent for criminals to use social networking sites such as Facebook as a source of information for robberies, fraud and kidnappings.

And it's not just the criminals capitalizing, the police too are using it, to go after both hard-core criminals and political protesters.


10 PowerToys that can expand your control of Windows XP

Not all PowerToys are right for everyone.

But find the ones that make sense for you, and your Windows tasks will be a whole lot easier.


Verizon to ATT the truth hurts

Eventually Verizon's lawyers had to file a response and, well, ain't nobody backing down in this one. "AT&T did not file this lawsuit because Verizon's "There's A Map For That" advertisements are untrue; AT&T sued because Verizon's ads are true and the truth hurts." Yeah.

It's gonna be like that.


Monday, 16 November 2009

Linux Contractor Fired for Using FirefoxLinux

This is a complicated story but one that must be told.

I'm not sure there is anything that can be done about it except rage at the moon...


omniforexsignalscom a scam

Andy takes a look at Omni Forex Signals...what does he discover?


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Murdoch to remove News Corps content from Google in months

Rupert Murdoch, the head of News Corporation, is prepared to remove his company's content from Google's search index "within months" as the pay versus free content debate reaches crisis point.


Lenovo returns to the Linux desktop

Lenovo will soon be shipping an ARM Snapdragon-based netbook using Linux.


Apple Wins Clone Suit

Nearly a year and a half after a Miami company called Psystar announced that it was selling "Open Computers" pre-installed with Apple's (AAPL) Mac OS X Leopard...


Windows 7 Hacked Again for Keyless Activation

Lo! Yet another Windows 7 activation hack appears.

This one's a little more creative in that it doesn't require an OEM key at all, and instead bypasses the verification DLL completely.


Review of cpamoneymagiccom

Andy takes a look at CPA Money Magic...what does he discover?


Nokia Booklet 3G [Review]

Nokia is one of the most unlikely companies to launch a netbook, given that cell phones are its claim to fame.

Most manufacturers can attest that the key to a successful netbook is to find the right combination of differentiators while minimizing its flaws. The design, battery life, and user experience are exceptional for a first-time netbook maker


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dell Goes Official With AndroidBased Mini 3i Smartphone

The day has finally come, folks.

Dell is getting into the smartphone business. It's kind of tough to believe, actually. Dell has been a staple in the PC industry for years. But what it hasn't done is, well, anything other than that. Until today.


Microsoft to ship Linux tools

Proprietary software giant Microsoft is getting into peddling Linux tools.


Facebook app developer rejects App Store irony ensues

Joe Hewitt, the developer of the Facebook iPhone app, has flipped the script and rejected the App Store.

And, as you'd expect, our man is not mincing his words, stating that his "decision to stop iPhone development has had everything to do with Apple's policies," and that he's "philosophically opposed to the existence of their review process."


Mole Wart Removal a scam

From the page:Get rid of your moles, warts and skin tags with a natural treatment for mole removal and wart removal.


New Windows Marketplace antipiracy measures already cracked

Yarr! Xda-developers community members manage to crack the code in less than 2 hours.


Friday, 13 November 2009

openSUSE 112 Released

The openSUSE Project is pleased to announce the release of openSUSE 11.2. openSUSE 11.2 includes new versions of GNOME, KDE,, Firefox, the Linux kernel, and many, many more updates and improvements.

In 11.2 youll find more than 1,000 open source desktop applications.


Bush Concerned Successor Might Revoke Telco Spy Immunity

The George W.

Bush administration expressed concern future administrations might not use the legal amnesty it wanted to give the nations telecommunication companies that were being sued for assisting the presidents warrantless, electronic wiretapping program. The documents, unearthed by the EFF also suggest...


forexmultipliercom review

Andy examines Forex Multiplier...what does he find?


Microsoft rebukes employee who said OS X inspired Windows 7

Yesterday, a Microsoft employee said that OS X was the inspiration for the Windows 7. Today, Microsoft said he was full of it.


Some types of technology are about to bite the dust

DVD players, satnavs, smartphone chargers and Dongles could all end up obsolete and dumped by the wayside as early as next year according to the latest research from Pixmania, the largest electronics retailer in Europe.


The 50 Best Inventions of 2009

From a rocket of the future to a $10 million lightbulb, here are TIME's picks for the best new gadgets and breakthrough ideas of the year.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

What a logo does not have to be or do

When designing a logo, designer's and clients (when conveying to the designer what they are looking for in their new logo) often focus on what their logo should be.

In this article, I focus on the exact opposite:


AppleInsider Apple lifts veil on App Store approval status

There are allegedly nine status levels for submitted applications, including "in review," "ready for sale," and "rejected".


App Alerts You When A Picture Of You Appears On Facebook

Facial recognition tech startup made quite a splash when it launched Photo Finder.

It has followed up with a new app called Photo Tagger, a tool that is capable of finding photos of people that were uploaded to Facebook albums even if they remained untagged by users.


Programmer 101 Teach Yourself How to Code

You've always wanted to learn how to build software yourself"or just whip up an occasional script"but never knew where to start.

Luckily, the web is full of free resources that can turn you into a programmer in no time.


Review of Option Income System

Andy examines Option Income System...what does he find?


Bing Adds Features Including Results from Wolfram Alpha

In an effort to sustain Bing's early momentum, Microsoft is adding new features, including local weather and events and results from Wolfram Alpha, a Web service that specializes in answering questions.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Build a Bootable Rescue SD Card For Your Mac

For the hardcore users out there, Apple decided to give the SD port super powers -- you can use it to build a bootable SD card.

That bootable card can then become an awesome tool for performing emergency hard drive repairs, data recovery, recovering deleted files, and much more.


EFFs Secret Files Anatomy of a Bogus Subpoena

Can the U.S. government secretly subpoena the IP address of every visitor to a political website? No, but that didn't stop it from trying.

EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston tells the story of a bogus federal subpoena...


Google Ordered to Pay 500000US to F1 Racer Barrichello

"Internet giant Google has been ordered to pay 500,000 dollars in damages to Formula 1 racer Rubens Barrichello for hosting fake online profiles of him on its social network Orkut."


Indie Movie Explodes on BitTorrent Makers Bless Piracy

Hollywood often complains about the billions of dollars allegedly lost due to piracy.

Indie film makers, on the other hand, tend to welcome the free buzz generated when their film is pirated. The makers of Ink belong to this latter group, and are thanking the hundreds and thousands of people who downloaded their movie on BitTorrent.


theticketbrokerguidecom review

Andy takes a look at The Ticket Broker Guide...what does he discover?


Worlds Deadliest Pneumatic Ping Pong Cannon Video

The worlds most lethal ping-pong gun has been brought to life.

The contraption was made by Denver artist/inventor Ron Kessinger and uses compressed air to shoot water-filled ping-pong balls so hard that they smash through particle board.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

45 Strange and Funny Photoshop Manipulations

Photoshop manipulation is the process of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception, through digital means. Personally, I consider Photoshop Manipulation to be the best art form of the digital age.

If executed well, Photoshop gives amazingly powerful results and can be a lot of fun, at the same time...


Google Acquires AdMob for 750 Million in Stock

Business Insider is reporting that Google have acquired mobile advertising giant AdMob for $750 million in stock.

AdMob is a mobile advertising marketplace that connects advertisers with mobile publishers. They allow advertisers to create ads, choose landing pages and target their ads with plenty of detail. Ads can be targeted to locations


Bluray Discs Get Managed Copy Hardware Support Nonexistent

After four years in the oven, "managed copy" is done"and boy, is it a stinker. "Managed copy" has been slouching its way toward our living rooms for years now, but the technology that can make backup copies of films will finally come to all Blu-ray discs on December 4, 2009.

Unfortunately, no Blu-ray player yet has the ability to make one......


Hacker attacks police website UR SECURITY IS ZERO

An investigation was under way today after a hacker launched a crude attack on a police website, apparently in revenge for terror deaths in Pakistan. Access to the Durham Police website was temporarily blocked by staff after its security was breached by a man calling himself "L33T HACKER Ali.Mani".


Review of Tube Tilla

Andy takes a look at Tube Tilla...what does he find?


Concept cellphone designed to be powered by solar energy

Solar-powered Mobile Script concept cellphone with a roll-out touchscreen


Monday, 9 November 2009

90 International Google Doodles You May Not Have Seen

I am a big Google Doodles fan and here I have selected some of the most beautiful Google Doodles from different countries for you.


Verizon takes another swing at ATT w Misift Toys iPhone Ad

AT&T might be suing Verizon for misrepresenting its network in ads, but that doesn't seem to have dissuaded Beg Red from using that same map image in this new spot, which casts the iPhone away to the Island of Misfit Toys.


classifiedrichescom review

Andy reviews Classified Riches...what does he reveal?


Framed for Child Porn by a PC Virus

Of all the sinister things that Internet viruses do, this might be the worst: They can make you an unsuspecting collector of child pornography.


Sunday, 8 November 2009

Securing The Cyber Supply Chain

Many parties touch your organization's systems and software, potentially exposing them to malware, breaches, or worse!


Is Facebook a paradise for scammers

Companies that develop games for Facebook make big money by selling ad space--some of it to scammers.


Resilient Space Internet Comes Down to Earth Gadgets

A new Internet protocol designed for interplanetary transmissions is bringing its delay-tolerant magic to Earth.

Google's Android does a lot more these days than just smart phones and nifty mobile gadgets. An Internet pioneer is using the platform to launch a interplanetary Internet protocol on Earth that could harden wireless networks against....


Free Car Index review

Andy examines Free Car Index...what does he discover?


YouTube Is Falling Apart Again

The ads are destroying YouTube.

At least this one is. It is a video ad for sustainable energy company from Spain called Acciona. ...


How Google uses Linux

According to the article, a team of 30 Google engineers is rebasing to the mainline kernel every 17 months, presently carrying 1208 patches to 2.6.26 and inserting almost 300,000 lines of code; roughly 25% of those patches are backports of newer features.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

Heres That Leaked Copyright Treaty Document

Here's the secret Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement document, as it appeared on Wikileaks today.

It amounts to policy laundering at its finest -" that the United States is pushing the world to require ISPs to adopt graduated response policies that amount to terminating internet service of repeat, copyright offenders.


Droid Launch Is This The Start of The Android Revolution

the Motorola Droid hits the shelves today, ready for the Android-hungry masses.

The question everyone wants to know is, is this the start of a revolution in the mobile space?


Will Ferrells Funny Or Die links up with YouTube

YouTube has announced it is to partner Will Ferrell's comedy website Funny Or Die, offering up a channel featuring a boatload of the site's comedic content. Funny Or Die has been around since 2007 and is the brainchild of Will Ferrell and writer Adam McKay.

The site has garnered something of a cult following.


MacHeist Offers NanoBundle Worth 154 for FREE

The biggest Mac software bundle makers are offering a what appears to be prelude to their christmas bundle, for free.

The list includes: Shovebox, Twitterrific, Writeroom ,TinyGrab, Hordes of Orcs, MarinerWrite. There is no catch, just register and download.


Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Talk YouTube

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay announce the Funny or Die channel on YouTube.


madduxsportscom worth it

From the page:Maddux sports specializes in providing basketball picks and sports handicapping including free nfl picks, and free football picks nba picks & college basketball pick predictions.


Friday, 6 November 2009

Review Droid not an iPhone killer but still pretty cool

The Droid smartphone is clearly not an iPhone killer, but with multitasking abilities and quick access to Google Maps and turn-by-turn navigation with GPS, it's still pretty cool.


Verizon Droid Eris Officially launching on Friday for 99

Verizon has announced that the Verizon Droid Eris by HTC will be launching tomorrow, Friday, October 6th.

The Droid Eris will launch alongside the Motorola Droid.


Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses

Sophos recently tested Windows 7 against 10 in the wild viruses.

The result? 8 of the 10 ran successfully on the newest version of Windows. Windows 7 may be the most secure Windows ever, but is that good enough?


Google Dashboard to help control of data

Google Dashboard to help control of data New tool brings together Google's services.


youbetyouwincouk review

Andy takes a look at You Bet You Win...what does he discover?


Kevlar and 24karat GoldOn Headphones

Computing and Tech Hardware Reviews and News For The Enthusiast and IT Professional


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Feds Search of Twittering Anarchist Upheld

Federal authorities can resume combing through the notebooks, memory cards and computers of an Twittering anarchist being investigated for violating a anti-rioting law, a federal court judge ruled.

A U.S. district court judge found no reason to throw out the governments search of the home of a 41-year old social worker who ...


New Mac game Plays Russian Roulette With Your Files

Looking for an ideal holiday gift for that brooding philosophy student in your life? Check out Lose/Lose.

It's reminiscent of classic arcade games like Space Invaders, but with a sobering twist: Each time you destroy an alien, the game deletes a file from your Mac. Forever.


Old Media Meets Click Fraud Radio Has Much to Learn

The story of a Seattle Radio station attempting to dive into social media, but instead gets called out for click fraud.


5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything

3D TV, HTML5, video over Wi-Fi, superfast USB and mobile "augmented reality" will emerge as breakthrough technologies in the next few years.


ejaculationsupremacycom review

Andy takes a look at Ejaculation Supremacy...what does he discover?


Best Buy Adds Rental Service Bloatware To All Net Gadgets

To compensate for slumping DVD sales, Best Buy announced a partnership with CinemaNow that would add a digital delivery service within all Internet capable devices-- but one with far too many compromises.


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

DIY WristMounted Flamethrower Lets You Become An XMan

Pyro was never my favorite of the X-Men, but that doesn't mean I'm not excited about this DIY project allowing me to mimic his powers.

It's called Prometheus, and it's by far one of the best wrist-mounted flamethrowers I've seen.

Source: mounted-flamethrower-lets-you-pretend-to-be-an-x man

Fear of Flying Theres an app for that

Long-haul airline Virgin Atlantic Airways has launched an iPhone application, or app, for its Flying Without Fear course so that anxious passengers can read up before they take to the skies.


Penny Stock Secrets a scam

From the page:Little know Insider Secrets to trading Penny Stocks.

How to pick the best list of Penny Stocks. Free tips for buying penny stocks.


Apple Wants iTunes to Replace Your Cable Box for 30 a month

Apple's apparently pitching to networks a subscription plan that would deliver all your TV shows through iTunes for $30 a month, with the goal of launching it next year.


Twitter Reveals More Lists Power With A Widget

Since it was turned on for all users late last week, everyone is talking about Twitter's new Lists feature.

The List Widget is exactly what youd expect: A widget that you can place on your blog that displays a list of your choosing. One nice thing is that this can be a list you made or one any user has made (that is public). If you simply type in


DRM Breaker Reports Himself To AntiPiracy Group

A citizen is so tired of his countrys copyright laws he has reported himself to an anti-piracy group.

In his written confession, the pirate admits to copying more than one hundred purchased movies and TV shows for his own use " legal in Denmark " but breaking DRM on the same is an act forbidden under Danish law.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Man Sues Over Leaky Baby Monitor

An Illinois man is suing the maker of a video baby monitor after discovering that he and his neighbor could spy on each other through the devices.

He filed a proposed class action lawsuit after a neighbor, who used the same brand, informed him that video and audio from Denkovs sons nursery was showing up on the neighbors monitor whenever...


Guide To LED Technology

Everything you need to know about LED technology from the basics all the way to what the FUTURE holds for it.


Laziness on the move robot plays Rock Band on the iPhone

Why confine your nerdy sloth to your living room, where large robots mime fake guitar and serve you sloppy mixed drinks? Take that zest for the sedentary life with you on the road by having one of your robot ninjas steal this iPhone Rock Band robot from its ingenious creator, Joe Bowers.

The Arduino-based device uses ambient light sensors to detect


60 Minutes Spreads Incorrect MPAA Propaganda On Movie Piracy

Instead of calling your tech-savvy customers criminals, how about giving them what they want?


handcrafterscompanioncom review

Andy takes a look at Handcrafters Companion...what does he find?


Apple rumored to disable Atom support with Mac OS X 1062

Mac OS X 10.6.2, the forthcoming update for Apple's Snow Leopard operating system, is reported to disable support for the Intel Atom processor, preventing unauthorized PC netbooks from running the operating system.


Monday, 2 November 2009

Why is Linux Chrome so fast

Chromium developers discussing why the Linux version of Chrome feels ridiculously faster than Windows and Mac.


Review of datingdominancecom

Andy examines dating dominance...what does he find?


Sunday, 1 November 2009

International Domain Names Are Coming in 2010

The face of the Internet is about to change, and its potential impact on international Internet use cannot be understated.

Earlier today, the Internet


Great Taste No Pain review

Andy examines Great Taste No Pain...what does he reveal?


Google Plays a Trick With Halloween Logo Try It Pics

Head over to Google and click the Halloween logo for a special treat! Clicking on the Google image delivers a series of images related to Halloween cand.

Another thing to notice from these shots: Google is trying a new layout with a subset of users that removes the Search button entirely.