Monday, 21 November 2011

Starz planning HBO GO clone after Netflix deal expires

While Netflix will suffer without Starz content when the partnership between the two companies expires next year, Starz already has plans to continue providing digital content on a first party playtform.


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Damon said...

Honestly, I think I could have survived without the Starz programming on Netflix because I don’t watch much from them. I don’t even subscribe to their programming through my provider and employer. The main reason I dropped Netflix was because they don’t really have the best selection of DVD’s, their streaming is getting a bit dated as well, and they raised their prices for less programming. My provider DISH Network and Blockbuster were offering the Blockbuster Movie Pass, and I thought I would give it a try, since it is only $10 a month, and I trust Blockbuster. For that $10 a month, I get DVD exchanges in-store and by mail, streaming to my DVR or computer, 20 channels on my lineup, plus video games and Blu-rays (which Netflix always charged extra for)! For now, the Blockbuster Movie Pass is only available to DISH Network subscribers, but since Blockbuster listens to customers, they are working on making the service available for those who don’t have a TV service. Blockbuster is just better, and I don’t think I’ll miss Netflix much. If Starz makes an app, I’ll probably skip that.