Monday, 12 January 2009

Mr T will pity the fool who doesnt get iPity

The iPity app is an animated head of 80s pop culture icon Mr.

T, reciting some of his most classic lines when you touch the screen, including: I pity the fool, Get out my way sucka!, I aint dressin up like no nun!, You eat it! and Whatchu talkin about fool?" Brilliant.


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Richard said...

I just added Mr. T to my GPS and will defiantly be adding him to my Ipod.

I got his voice on my GPS from a company called Navtones (I think). They do real celebrity voices for GPS devices. I love Mr. T giving me my directions with his no nonsense attitude. Turn left fool!

The world always needs more Mr. T and don’t forget that fool! 99 cents well spent!